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Many influencers are now the target of complaints, accused of misleading their audience about their intentions. Distilling financial advice in France is a regulated activity.

Tuesday 26 March 2024, by Denis Lapalus

JLC Family, Billionaire Dogs, Billio Elite, Bel Niya…

The tide is turning for influencers. Not only does legislation now force them to systematically disclose their partnerships, but courts are looking into numerous scams and other incentives to invest in assets at risk of capital loss. This activity is strictly regulated in France.

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The AVI collective

In January 2023, for the first time in France, victims, accompanied by an association and a law firm, took steps to confront “influvoleurs” with the legal consequences of their actions. Following the filing of these complaints, the Paris prosecutor’s office opened several investigations. The AVI collective, encouraged by these initial results, continues its commitment and supports new claimants in five cases linked to influencers. Although legislative progress has been made with the adoption of a law on influencers and the creation of the DSA (Digital Services Act), there is an urgent need to act on a legal level to address the persistent abuse of certain players in the sector.

The “star” in a docu-reality from the TF1 group targeted

The “star” in a docu-reality from the TF1 group targeted. The first complaints relate to:

  • The “Billionaire Dogs” NFT Collection
  • Trading in connection with the “Billion Gang”, “Billion Elite” and “Billion 1%”

Numerous elements and documents should lead to investigations into allegations of fraud by an organized gang, breach of trust by an organized gang, and criminal conspiracy involving the various participants in these projects. Among them is Laurent Correia, aka Laurent Billionaire, who participates in his own reality TV show “JLC Family”, centered on his family and broadcast on TFX.

A prize pool shared by the former number one influencer on Snapchat

Other complaints concern the prize pool of the association “Bel Niya” intended for “Atlas Kinder” in Morocco. A fundraiser was launched in October 2021 on the Cotizup platform and promoted on social networks by the influencers Kenza Benchhrif (known as “Poupette Kenza”), Soukaïna El Mizeb and Anissa El Mizeb. The prize pool was managed by the French charity “Bel Niya”, which had committed to donate it in full to a Moroccan orphanage created by an association linked to the Swiss foundation “Atlas Kinder”. To date, however, almost 70,000 euros collected have not been paid for the agreed cause, and considerable doubt hangs over the destination of these donations. Lawsuits were initiated following documented information and repeated complaints from donors who felt cheated. Complaints against X will be filed for breach of trust in an organized gang. The competent authorities will be responsible for determining the responsibility of the various actors involved in this matter.

Class action lawsuits affecting influence and online commerce

Products that were never delivered, defective goods or goods that do not correspond to their advertising, ingredients in the composition banned in France, questionable advertising strategies, non-compliance with health standards: many victims have requested the help of AVI Collective to denounce what they consider to be fraud. For these various disputes involving products sold online and promoted by influencers, the collective has collected numerous testimonies and evidence. The plaintiffs who wanted to assert their rights were brought together to initiate joint lawsuits, especially for charges such as organized gang fraud, breach of trust by an organized gang, as well as any other offense that can be established by investigation. These new initiatives complement the three previously mentioned cases.

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Upcoming complaints

The upcoming complaints are part of cases that have affected hundreds of victims who contacted the collective, whose damages amount to hundreds of thousands of euros. In addition to those who have passed information to him, the number of victims of these cases is counted in the thousands and the damages in the millions. “By initiating the first collective lawsuits, AVI Collective allowed many victims to express themselves and supported new actions. Those he supports today will finally give plaintiffs a chance to assert their rights.

Collection of files and call for enhanced security

The association is currently involved in the processing of several other cases. It invites potential victims of influence to participate in the class actions in preparation by registering and submitting a file on the website At the same time, the association focuses on strengthening its actions in various areas. It is intensifying its efforts to promote and raise awareness of good practice, while strongly encouraging the sector to denounce harmful practice. She points out the passivity of social media and strongly urges the authorities to take decisive action against non-compliance with the rules on advertising and consumer rights, as well as with the “Delaporte Vojetta” law by influencers and advertising agencies. Likewise, it calls for sanctions for violations of DSA guidelines by platforms.

In addition to fraud, its mission to secure the online space addresses broader issues such as the distribution of pornographic content to minors, cyber-maliciousness and the protection of child abusers. In this context, AVI Collective strives to obtain the special status of trusted reporter, which will simplify, speed up and streamline the processing of its reports by the platforms and the competent authorities.

About the AVI collective

AVI Collective is committed to a crucial mission: helping victims of influencer abuse and raising public awareness to prevent new cases. Among the abuses we find the promotion of dropshipping abuse, risky financial investments, forgery, CPF fraud, illegal medical procedures and dangerous products. It regularly organizes information sessions, including “Spaces” at X, on Sundays and Wednesdays from 9.30pm to midnight. The story of the collective begins in June 2022, when anonymous and outraged people gathered around the hashtag “blatscam” on , Marc and Nadé Blata.

Two months later, the collective was structured and formed into a collegial association governed by the law of 1901, adopting the name Collectif AVI (Collectif d’Aide aux Victims d’Influenceurs). Its scope includes all consumers and social media users affected by certain harmful influence practices, often carried out by reality TV personalities. The actions of the AVI collective attracted the attention of legislators, which allowed it to play a role in the development of the first law on commercial influence, which was promulgated on June 9, 2023. The association also cooperated with the authorities and contributed to the closure of ​​multiple problematic issues accounts on social networks. His fame has spread through numerous media in France and abroad.

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