Must-have DeFi tools in 2023 – Part 2

You are a decentralized finance (DeFi) user and you are looking for skilled tools to simplify your life and help make decisions ? This series of articles is here to help you! If you have not yet read the first part of our 2023 selection, you can find it here. Otherwise, feel free to check out the rest of this roundup of the best DeFi platforms right now.

Estimated reading time: 9 minutes

Last week we looked at platforms for track and manage your portfolioof find air dropletsand D’analyze blockchain data.

This week we start by introducing you to useful tools for find new projects as quickly as possible. After that, we continue on the platforms that can help make trading decisions. Eventually we will end those who allow it compare available returns on the entire market.

In the following weeks, we will describe these tools in more detail, take you through their features and explain how to use them.

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The best DeFi tools to find new projects

The earlier you invest in a project, the more likely it is that you will make large profits if it succeeds. But it is not always easy to find the projects that are being started. The following tools can help you discover some of them.

Crypto Fundraising: All Crypto Fundraising

Crypto Fundraising lists all fundraisers in the fields of cryptocurrencies and blockchains. It allows you to classify projects according to various criteria (categories, dates, amounts, types of tokens, regions, investors).

List of fundraisers on Crypto fundraising

The site also offers an overview of industry trends and statistics in its ” research blog “.

Galxe: a tool used to create communities is a platform used by Web3 projects to develop their community. By browsing the site, you can find new projects and engage in them while collecting rewards.

Galxe website
Galxe website

In addition to giving you the opportunity to learn more, completing the requested tasks can also make you eligible for airdrops. learn by touching rewards

Like Galxe, is used to offer quests to users in exchange for rewards. It thus makes it possible to discover projects that seek to make themselves known. website website

The missions you complete may eventually entitle you to an airdrop.

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The best DeFi tools to help you trade

The following tools allow you to learn about many more indicators guide your trading decisions. Whether you are a fan of technical analysis or fundamental analysisshould you find your happiness on these platforms.

CoinGlass: data on derivatives

CoinGlass is a platform dedicated to the analysis of data on cryptocurrencies and their derivatives. You will find a multitude of indicators of all types (Bitcoin dominance, price trends, futures trading volumes, volume by exchange, open interest, funding rates, liquidations, options data …).

Glassnode's website
Many indicators on CoinGlass

It is a very comprehensive tool which can help traders make more informed decisions.

CoinGecko: all tokens on the market

CoinGecko is a website that provides a lot of information about cryptocurrencies and exchanges (prices, charts, market capitalization, trading volume, news, analysis, etc.).

Coingecko's website
Tokens rated by TVL on CoinGecko

By clicking on a token, you will see the historical and technical data about it (price, utility, history, address, etc.) as well as the marketplaces where it is traded and the latest related news.

Coinmarketcap: tokens classified by market cap

Coinmarketcap is the direct competitor of Coingecko, acquired some time ago by Binance. It contains almost the same information, presented differently.

Coinmarketcap website
Tokens rated by TVL on CoinMarketCap

Like CoinGecko, by clicking on a token, you will find all the information about it.

TradingView: The ultimate technical analysis tool

TradingView offers interactive and customizable price charts for most cryptocurrency pairs as well as for other assets (stocks, commodities, etc.). The application opens access to more than 100 technical indicators, drawing tools, trading models…

Chart of TradingView
Price chart on TradingView

TradingView also has one social dimensionwith the ability to share your ideas and trading plans with other users and learn about theirs.

VestLab: the accrual calendar

Vestlab makes it possible see distribution plans (earning) of tokens for the various projects on the market, as well as other information about them.

Vestlab's website
Calendar at VestLab

The site allows you to classify the various projects according to different criteria, and can help you optimize the timing of your purchases/sales.

The best DeFi tools to find the best returns

The interests offered by the DeFi protocols are constantly evolving, and it can be very long and difficult to find the solutions that best meet your expectations. The following two platforms will save you precious time in your research.

Nanoly: analysis of DeFi vaults

Nanoly (formerly Coindix) continuously scans more than 10,000 vaults on 27 blockchains. It allows you to classify them according to several criteria and thus compare them at a glance.

Nanoly website
List of vaults on Nanoly

Thanks to Nanoly, you can quickly know the APY, the available liquidity, the token with which your interest is paid and get an idea of ​​the risks involved.

The available graphs for the liquidity pools make it possible to visualize the development in interest rates and TVL over time.

StakingRewards: comparison of returns

StakingRewards allows you to compare the yield offered by stake many tokens from different service providers.

StakingRewards website
List of staked cryptos ranked by Marketcap

You can rank tokens using many criteria, such as TVL, interest, stake ratio, etc.

By clicking on the asset that interests you, you will see a host of other information pop up. In particular, you will find the list of platforms or validators that offer this service, an estimate of the associated risk, the development of interest over time and the price of the token, etc.

tab ” Providers offers a list of entities to delegate your tokens to, with several parameters to help you make your choice.

The last word

Like the world of cryptocurrencies and blockchain, is Challenge is still a young and developing sector. It promises to revolutionize the world of finance and economics and still has many surprises and opportunities in store for us.

We also invite you to closely follow the news and its development and explore for yourself the tools that interest you the most.

To guide you, we give you an appointment in the following weeks to get more details about those that we have presented to you in these two articles.

And if you have any special requests or if we forgot to mention your favorite tool, don’t hesitate to let us know by commenting on our tweet.

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