My method of doing copy trading well

If I ask someone do you want to make money, they say yes. Obviously, we all want that.

Just like we all want to be warm! Yet we only eat egg whites and go to the gym every day. Not all. Well, not me anyway.

All this to say that there are certain subjects where I don’t think I’m wrong when I say that we all want the same thing.

We all want to be healthy.
We all want to make money.
We all want to be smart.
We all want to be happy.
We all want to be beautiful.

But we are not ready to make the same effort to get there. That and also, we don’t have the same basic advantages, the same life contexts, in short.

We all want things, but we will take very different paths to get there.

Still, at one point this thing was not super obvious in my head and I said to myself: if I want to make money, and my friend who invests in crypto also wants to make money.

Boom, I’ve understood all my life, I’m going to do like him and I’m going to make money just the same.


The first time I invested, I decided to do the same as someone more knowledgeable than me.

And I lost my money.

The guy tells me what he invests in, I don’t understand, I do the same. And then he goes home and I’m all alone with my investment that I don’t understand.

I confess that I dare not harass him because I am a polite person and once he came home he never thought to keep me informed of the rest of his strategy. Or maybe he just didn’t have one.

It wasn’t my friend’s fault.

It was me who decided to delegate my responsibility for something as important as my financial future to someone else.

Do you understand the extent of the stupidity?

So otherwise there is copy trading, but it is super risky and especially in crypto, you will see why:

Because people who invest professionally in crypto, by professional I mean with a well thought out investment plan. Well, they will never base their entire strategy on a copycat website. They will buy the majority of their crypto decentralized.

So when you copy trade someone in crypto in reality, you only have access to a small part, e.g. 30% of their purchases. And if I show you 30% of my purchases, depending on which part of my investment plan we’re looking at, it could be very risky or very conservative. And you will make your choice as if you had the big picture.

Let’s say you want to date a girl. What you know about her is that she is beautiful, kind and intelligent. You will probably tell yourself that it is a good choice to try your luck.

Well, that’s the part about the copy shop page.

And what happens is that in decentralization you discover that yes, she is all that, but also that she is already married and she has 3 children.

Well, with this information, you will probably make a different choice.

Next, let’s say the person really puts their entire plan on one site. Not very believable, but let’s face it.

Well, you don’t know how much she makes, you don’t know if she doesn’t have 80% of her investments in super safe real estate, and therefore she’s super risky in crypto, and you well, you don’t have 80% in real estate property super on.

Doing like the others in crypto is stupid.

You must do what is good for you, be able to make informed choices.

You cannot put your health (physically or financially) in the hands of someone who does not have the same problems as you.

So my method for successful copy trading is not to do it.

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