N26 (finally) launches a stock and ETF trading product

N26 has just announced the launch of its stock and ETF trading product, which will allow all its customers to buy and sell stocks and ETFs for €0.90 per transaction, directly in the N26 app. The launch of this trading product is behind some of its competitors and allows N26 to continue to complete its banking offering by offering its millions of customers new savings and investment solutions.

A rather classic offer

In an uncertain economic context and in the face of inflation, many Europeans strive to proactively create their wealth. N26’s stock and ETF trading offerings aim to make the creation and management of your investment portfolio simple and accessible to as many people as possible. The new product will allow clients to buy and sell fractional shares of some of the most popular European and US assets on international equity markets at a market-leading execution price, thanks to N26’s partnership with Upvest.

The new product will gradually be made available to N26 customers. First, in the form of a first version for qualified clients in Austria, offering sub-investments in over 100 ETFs, with orders from €1. The product’s simple and transparent price structure with a fixed amount of EUR 0.90 per transaction gives customers access to the stock markets at one of the most competitive prices on the market. N26 will also soon roll out free exchanges for its premium subscriptions.

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N26 will then expand the range of assets offered for trading with a full range of over a thousand stocks and ETFs in the coming months for its clients in Germany and Austria and then across all its European markets. In the coming months, customers will also be able to invest on a recurring basis thanks to “fee-free savings plans”, another solution developed by the Berlin bank.

N26 customers who have met the eligibility requirements will be able to register to open their trading account in seconds and start investing without delay. Funds intended for buying stocks and ETFs can then be easily transferred from the main account to the trading account and invested with just a few clicks.

To buy stocks or ETFs, the customer selects the desired asset and the amount they wish to trade. Associated fees will be transparently displayed and must be confirmed before each transaction is made. The cash equivalent for the transaction will be deducted from the account holder’s bank balance. Clients want a simplified view of their stock and ETF portfolio to maintain control of their finances.

Current account

Conditions None
Minimum payout €0
Account Maintenance Fees For free
Free checkbook None
Check deposit None
Cash deposit None
Authorized overdraft interest 0%
Unauthorized overdraft interest 0%
intervention commission For free

Bank card

Monthly expense For free
Short type Mastercard Standard
Payments in the euro area 3 free payouts (then €2)
Payments in the euro area For free
Foreign currency withdrawals 1.70%
Foreign currency payments For free
Mobile payment Apple Pay, Google Pay


Consumer credit None
Loans for real estate None

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