N26 to offer crypto trading, crypto-friendly Rishi Sunak

Since the launch of Bitcoin in 2008, Crypto has presented an endless amount of white space with imaginable and unimaginable market opportunities, often with mobile at the center of Art in Gaming. S4322

N26 will offer crypto trading

According to a Tweet, Austria will soon be the first country to allow an account holder to trade digital assets with other European countries. The crypto trading services will be provided by Bitpanda, a thriving digital asset marketplace based in Austria. Bitpanda offers an established white-label solution and has therefore likely made Austria a strong test market. N26 is expected to offer trading of nearly 200 digital assets. Bitpanda also powers another well-known fintech, Plum.

Bitpanda’s white label solution is touted as an option for traditional banks as well as Fintechs. Bitpanda also offers trading in more traditional assets like stocks and ETFs. Bitpanda is a digital asset service provider registered with the Austrian Financial Markets Authority (FMA) under FM-GwG and with the French Financial Markets Authority (AMF) under the PACTE law. Bitpanda Payments GmbH holds a PSD2 license. N26’s move makes a lot of sense as competitors offer similar services, so giving account holders the ability to trade crypto helps keep digital banking relevant. N26 is about 7 million customers, this, after a slight decline when it left the American and British markets. N26 received a European banking license in 2016 from the German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin), so it is well positioned for growth in the European Union.

Tel Aviv Stock Exchange to Launch Crypto Trading Platform

The Tel Aviv Stock Exchange (TASE) released its five-year strategic plan between 2023 and 2027, aimed at developing a blockchain-based platform to facilitate cryptocurrency exchange services. TASE intends to examine several potential courses of action, including converting existing infrastructure into innovative technologies, deploying innovative technologies in specialized platforms, offering a basket of services and products for digital assets and more.


Launch of Aptos

This week marked the highly anticipated launch of the new Layer 1, Aptos. The hype for the L1 was huge for many reasons: it stemmed from Facebook’s Libra blockchain initiative, it raised $350 million with big-name investors, and it attracted the developers of Solana being one of the first blockchains to use the Move programming language. Aptos focuses on user experience, scalability and cutting-edge technology!


Bitcoin steady ?

The current 30-day annualized BTC volatility is 27.2%. This is the lowest in over two years, since July 2020. The 30-day annualized volatility is calculated by taking the standard deviation of the percentage change in bitcoin’s price over the past 30 days and then multiplying it by the square root of 365 to annualize it. The lower volatility here indicates less fluctuation in BTC prices recently. The price of BTC has been relatively stable lately, fluctuating between $18.47K and $20.34K since September 13. Although there is still over $1000 difference from historical highs and lows, it seems mostly stable.

The main purpose of DAO protocols

The primary purpose of DAO protocols (and the “governance tokens” that compose them) is to give users of autonomous digital infrastructure, i.e. smart contract systems, a voice in whether and how to modify the functionalities of these systems which could be modified. This happens by allowing direct, binding, on-chain control of these systems by the required voting majority of DAO token holders. In the MakerDAO community, these are called “executive votes”. Indeed, protocol DAOs are only massively multiplayer online games for adjusting the parameters of ownerless decentralized software systems. This is also why DAO tokens are distributed (via liquidity mining, etc.) primarily to users of these systems – users need a strong voice in the systems they rely on.

For on-chain governance, DAO tokens and DAO voting are in “God mode” – they are the first, last and only authority, operating on the principle of “code is law”. Whatever quorum and majority rules are written in the code, they must be strictly adhered to.


Rishi Sunak, crypto-friendly?

Cryptocurrency-friendly former UK Chancellor Rishi Sunak has won the UK leadership race. As Lucy Harley-McKeown of The Block writes, Sunak’s coronation has some interesting cryptographic implications. A much-maligned tech hub could be back on London’s cards. He also supported regulations to allow the use of stablecoins in the payments world. However there may be a grain of sand for the UK Crypto ecosystem which is likely to be at the bottom of the to-do list, given the current cost of living crisis and the collapse tax triggered a few weeks ago. What if crypto came to make the change?…

Crusoe Energy uses natural gas

A modular computer system made by Crusoe Energy Systems, a startup whose operations are based in Denver, sits next to a structure at an oil well site in Montana. The company’s systems use natural gas normally burned in flare stacks as fuel for computing power which it uses to power computers generating cryptocurrencies! crazy…

Is Ethereum’s Rising Value Imminent?

Pseudonymous crypto analyst Good Contracter tells his 211,400 Twitter followers that ETH is currently presenting a transparent buying alternative as it repeatedly meets “the norm” of 200 week change. According to the analyst, ETH is likely to move towards a move to $2,400, which is 80% above current prices. Bitcoin, Cardano, XRP are also now giving a bullish signal.


Do you want to be paid in cryptocurrency?

87% of businesses believe crypto payments provide a competitive advantage, according to Deloitte research. Over 300 million people hold cryptocurrencies, similar to the entire population of the United States. It’s a growing community with money to spend. Businesses that trade need to think about this… FCFPAY’s simple solution offers this, customers can pay with any crypto wallet, or even pay directly from exchanges. Funds are simply transferred, no connection to the wallet.

The Crypto Backed By Nature

BIOA3 is a unique cryptocurrency that combines green finance, conservation expertise and environmental services. BIOA3 is a cryptocurrency used as a universal means of payment for the exchange of goods and services. It is made up of an advanced, environmentally sustainable technology platform and a community. It is a decentralized currency that allows you to transfer anywhere instantly at minimal cost.

Typing mistakes to steal cryptocurrency

A group of hackers took advantage of typos to introduce malware to Android phones and Windows PCs. By using a technique called typosquatting, which involves registering domains that closely resemble those of organizations’ official brands, hackers obtain data and private keys from unsuspecting users, according to a report published by Cyble.

Hackers have set up a network of malware-infected domains that take advantage of users’ inaccurate keystrokes when accessing a particular website. According to a report by Cyble, a cybersecurity and digital risk assessment company, these domains imitate renowned organizations and applications, such as Google Play Store, Apkure, and Apkcombo, among others. Users visiting the domains are prompted to download an infected version of the requested application, which will serve as a vehicle for the infection. The target device, whether it is an Android phone or a Windows PC, will then be infected with a version of ERMAC, a malicious Trojan that allows hackers to access several critical private data of the targeted device, including private keys.



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