New decentralized trading protocol from Uniswap

UniswapX is an innovative blockchain protocol launched by the giant Uniswap. It allows users to trade tokens through various sources of liquidity. This innovative protocol aims to solve the difficulties faced by merchants in the DeFi space. UniswapX is currently in beta on the Ethereum mainnet. Learn more about this new blockchain protocol here.

Updated on 18/07/2023 at 17:59

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UniswapX: a solution for secure and optimized exchanges

UniswapX is one revolutionary blockchain protocolwhich use auctions to trade through various sources of liquidity such as AMMs (Automated Market Makers) and other protocols.

With functions such as gas-free swapsthere MEV bot protection And no charges for failed transactionsUniswapX solves many recurring problems in the DeFi industry.

Soon the platform will also introduce gas-free cross-chain swaps, a major breakthrough in the DeFi trading landscape. It is currently in opt-in beta on Uniswap Labs web application for Ethereum mainnet. UniswapX plans to expand its services to other channels and to the Uniswap wallet in the near future.

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Innovative operation for a better trading experience

UniswapX aims to solve the recurrent problem of drying up of liquidity pools in decentralized exchanges. To do this, he works with third party fillers that execute swaps directly or direct users to appropriate Automated Market Maker (AMM) pools.

The introduction of fillers in UniswapX gives traders many advantages. Not only do they benefit from one better pricing thanks to the competition, but they no longer have to worry about gas costs. Take effect, fillers bear these fees on behalf of merchantswhich frees them from having to have the native token of a blockchain like ETH or MATIC.

Fillers take financial responsibility if transactions fail.

Fillers play a key role in UniswapX’s competitiveness. By aggregating multiple orders, they can reduce transaction costs and create a healthier business environment and better prices for traders.

Moreover, UniswapX solves the problem of RAM by encouraging fillers to use private transaction relays to avoid MEV bots. This promising approach helps improve the trading experience for users.

UniswapX makes DeFi trading more accessible and attractive for a wider audience. This innovative solution aims to provide traders with an optimal trading experience so that they can act quickly, securely and cost-effectively.

If you are interested in DeFi trading, you should try UniswapX today. Uniswap provides documentation to understand in detail how the UniswapX protocol works.

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