new Model S and Model X arrive in France!

If you’re looking at the Tesla Model S or Model X, you’re probably aware that the vehicles are more or less inaccessible. In fact, the manufacturer has decided to stop production to still focus on the development of new versions more efficiently than ever. But these are finally out, after two years of preparation and first deliveries across the Atlantic last year. Customers who have ordered thus begin to receive their goods, while some had gone to checkout, sometimes several semesters in advance. Elon Musk’s company continued to accept payments but notified consumers time limit who was waiting for them.

Be aware, though, that ordering a Model S or Model X now doesn’t mean you’ll be able to drive it soon. Because even today, shipping dates are still pretty far off. For the SUV with gull-wing doors, the delivery indicates between January and March 2023 for those who choose the Plaid version in pearl white multi-layer color and with black interior as standard. The price of the equivalent racing car amounts to 141,990 euros according to official prices, for a range of 543 km and a maximum speed of 262 km/h.

Model S Plaid: must-have at full speed

With this, Tesla also offers the Model S in its Plaid version in France and elsewhere in Europe. For 138,990 euros the beast reaches 0 to 100 km/h in 2.1 seconds only, but can also only be delivered there in 2023 earlier. Rated at 1,020 horsepower, the car has three motors with carbon-coated rotors and the fastest acceleration on the market of any brand.


When ordering, buyers can choose paint of your choice between white, black, grey, blue or red. Some shades will still require an investment of several thousand euros more than the base price.

Pay in installments

What if your budget is currently too limited? Don’t panic: Tesla offers a financing plan spread over several months. For example, if you decide to buy the fully autonomous Model S Plaid with Autopilot, the subscription will be worth it 1,542.08 euros per month in LOA. Knowing that electric charging saves you almost 100 euros per month in gasoline, which is really not insignificant.

To check your creditworthiness, be aware that Tesla will still ask you for one first rent increased more than 10,000 euros in this case.

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