New owners and new chef at Le Bengy restaurant in Varennes-Vauzelles

The story may have gone faster than expected for chef Dominique Gérard and his wife, Dominique. When they had mentioned the possible sale of their restaurant, Le Bengy, in which they have worked since 2005, they did not imagine that a first phone call in March 2022 would lead to the sale of their establishment and an effective recovery this Friday 1st. July.

For their part, Ambre Mazoyer, 30, and Sébastien Étienne, 32, who had visited three establishments in Nevers, did not expect such a smoothly completed purchase either. “We fell in love with this restaurant following a very good first contact with the owners. But, before, we had come to lunch as customers without introducing ourselves. We liked everything, the work environment and the environment with the staff, ”explains this young couple who met in Dijon, in 2019, at L’Hôtel du Nord (currently L’Hôtel Darcy).

A Neversoise and a Dijonnais

Ambre Mazoyer, whose parents are Neversois, is therefore not in unknown territory. She even did her hotel service apprenticeship at the CFA de Marzy, worked in various restaurants in the ducal city before joining Dijon in 2012 where she evolved professionally to become assistant head waiter. As for the chef, Sébastien Étienne, holder of a Bac Pro obtained in Dijon, completed various internships and seasons in France and England, before becoming chef de partie.

“We are delighted to take over Le Bengy where we are keeping all the staff, without changing the menu or the prices. »

“We are delighted to take over Le Bengy where we are keeping all the staff, without changing the menu or the prices for this summer period. We will have another look for the start of the school year for this restaurant which will be semi-gourmet, but we are not aiming for macaroons or stars. Appear in a guide like, for example, The Little Smart wiil be good. And we will continue the take-out sale, ”they specify.

Appreciating the location of the restaurant with parking, along the National 7, at the exit of the highway, the chef Sébastien Étienne even has ideas for a vegetable garden at the back of the establishment. Garden already worked by the previous chef.

Bec d’Allier and return to the Nièvre

Dominique and Dominique Gérard appreciate this transmission not only of a healthy business, but also of a history in the field of catering.

They live in Cher at Bec d’Allier, but will return to put their suitcases in Nièvre in a few months because “for thirty years, all our friends have been there. And we feel good about it.” They will no longer have a restaurant business, but the former chef already has an idea for a new profession for the years to come. To be continued…

And also Toques Nivernaises. Sébastien Étienne will join the ranks of the Toques Nivernaises, an association to which Dominique Gérard belongs.

Gourmet walks. Those who participate in this meeting organized by the Lions Club Nevers Doyen will meet Dominique Gérard and taste his preparations.

Since 1992. Dominique and Dominique Gérard have been in Nièvre since that year. Before buying Le Bengy from chef Nédellec, they had the restaurant La Cour Saint-Étienne, in Nevers.

Sylvie Anibal

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