New World is temporarily disabling trading, but they are already testing a fix for the exploit.

Trading in the New World is once again temporarily disabled due to a newly discovered exploit affecting the trading post. This comes as the team had already put some of the recently imposed restrictions on corporate changes on hold for a few days.

“Today, our internal data alerts detected an exploit on the trading floor involving the manipulation of specific contracts into an error state. We have a fix for this issue in testing,” the update begins. Something has triggered the data alerts, and they state that only a small number of players exploited this exploit, but in order to close the possibility of other exploits and minimize damage to the economy, trading is once or no longer temporarily disabled by the trading platform and player-to-player trading as well.

Downtime should be minimal as they are currently testing a solution to the problem after identifying it. As in recent times when trade has been affected in this way due to exploits, the New World team is looking to minimize disruption.

This new issue follows this week’s update, which introduced the newly revamped Winter Convergence Festival, but also included some changes aimed at combating front companies that allow certain territories to fall under the control of the same people and eliminate fair competition. One of these changes included cooldowns for certain actions:

“Upon leaving a company, players will begin a 72 hour time limit to fight a defensive war and gain influence for any company in preparation for a declaration of war. The cooldown starts as soon as the player leaves the company.”

The issue arose when the update applied this penalty retroactively, meaning those who left a company this week could no longer participate in wars. Some members of the community have expressed frustration over the retroactive application and uncertainty about when they should have had their company.

Amazon has decided to suspend these discounts for a few days to give players a chance to get their act together. This measure will begin to be applied on December 11 at 2 a.m. (PT) and 5:00 a.m. (ET), so if you plan to switch companies, you need to be in the right three days before this deadline.

For more information, read the New World announcement.

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