newer models cost more and offer fewer features so far

Newer Tesla models without Lidar or ultrasonic sensors still do not offer the same functionality as older ones. The transition to Tesla Vision is taking longer than expected.

The dashboard of a Tesla Model 3 / Credit: 123RF

The decision to drop all types of sensors to center their vehicles’ functionality around 360-degree cameras has allowed Tesla to achieve economies of scale. It is whispered ultrasonic sensors cost them $144 per car. That said, this transition has very real consequences for new owners of a branded product: they cannot enjoy features that are now considered essential, such as parking assistance or even autonomous driving.

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It started with the elimination of Lidar sensors, then it was the turn of ultrasonic sensors. For months, Tesla has been gradually removing the various sensors used in its autonomous driving cars in favor of 360° cameras. The company has full confidence in its technology and believes it will be enough to offer drivers all the features that have made Tesla famous… in the near future. The American company obviously doesn’t advertise it, but Cars currently sold do not run at 100% capacity.

By removing ultrasonic sensors, Tesla is depriving new buyers of the features that have made it famous

It is undoubtedly with great displeasure that new owners of a Tesla model discover that, in the absence of ultrasonic sensors, they are not entitled to any parking assistance or, in the US, that they cannot use Autopilot functions. According to the manufacturer, the update that replaces the old sensors with the cameras “will take some time”.

While during the year 2022 Tesla has raised its prices everywhere in the world, with the notable exception of China, it seems that its service offering at similar prices is shrinking. Tesla is warning new customers that certain features will not be available during the Tesla Vision transition period. For those who were inattentive, however, the pill must be bitter. So let’s hope the next update comes as soon as possible.

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