news about the “revolutionary” battery that was supposed to bring prices down

Tesla’s famous revolutionary 4680 format cells are still not present in significant quantities in their vehicles. But today a milestone has just been reached by the team responsible for the production.

Tesla Model Y manufactured at the Gigafactory in Austin, Texas // Source: Tesla

The revolution promised with Tesla’s 4680 format cells is slow to arrive. In fact, since the famous battery day in 2020, only a few Tesla Model Y sold near the Gigafactory in Austin, Texas, are equipped with it. However, with the increase in the rate of cell production, this may soon change.

1,000 cars per week at current rate

The American manufacturer has just published an update on the production of the 4680 cells on Twitter, a few days before the end of the year 2022.

Congratulations to the 4680 cell team for achieving 868,000 cells built in the last 7 days – the equivalent of 1k+ cars! 🔋

—Tesla (@Tesla) 25 December 2022

This is stated by Tesla 868,000 cells in 4680 format have been manufactured in the last seven days, which would be enough to equip more than 1,000 vehicles, i.e. as many complete packs (battery). This must of course be placed in the context of the production volumes for the company Elon Musk.

By 2022, around 1,300,000 vehicles will have been produced, or roughly 25,000 vehicles per week. The current production of 4680 cells only makes it possible to equip 4% of the Tesla produced if Tesla wants to use them today.

We have already returned in detail to these revolutionary cells in this case, but it is important to remember that for the moment, they are still in full-scale test mode for the American company. Beyond the production volumes, which remain insignificant, the gains for the consumer are not yet visible.

The main attraction of these 4680 cells is actually for the manufacturer, which could drastically reduce the production cost of a battery pack. If 2023 marks the year Tesla starts using these cells in many vehicles, it could possibly mark the end of the Tesla Model 3 and Model Y price hikes that have been paying the price since the beginning of the crisis. year 2022.

Moreover, Tesla had a hard time getting rid of all its vehicles that were produced at the end of the year, when they were forced to lower their prices or make extraordinary campaigns in China, the United States and Europe. If prices are set to drop in the near future to continue selling all production, the reductions in manufacturing costs associated with the arrival of 4680 cells will be welcome so that Tesla does not cut corners on its margins.

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