Norway, electricity champion, Tesla does not welcome it

In less than three years, Norway has increased its fleet of electric cars from 10 to 20%. With the highest number of emission-free vehicles per per capita in the world, Norway must now reduce its subsidies in this area…

There is no miracle. If Norway has become the nation on whose roads the circulation of electric vehicles is the most important, it is because the public authorities there have for years led a special incentive policy in this area, with large strokes of public support for purchases and many benefits afterwards for owners of an EV: exemption from almost any tax, reduced price for city taxes and parking in public car parkspossibility to use public transport corridors under certain conditions…

The downside

As a result, every fifth car on Norwegian roads to date is electric. A share that has doubled in less than three yearsthe Norwegian Association for Electric Vehicles announced on Monday, thus making Norway, the largest producer of hydrocarbons in Western Europe, the world champion of the electric car: “The snowball is rolling faster and faster and an increasing number of good models of electric cars are on Norwegian roads” , the general secretary of the association, Christina Bu, welcomed on her website. all this aid weighs on the public accounts. So from next January 1, the exemption from VAT (at a rate of 25%) reaches the acquisition of a new electric vehicle will only be worth up to the limit of a purchase price of 500,000 kroner (approx. 47,000 euros), amounts above this limit are taxable. What is the weight this time on the sales of advanced electric cars from manufacturers such as Audi, Mercedes or Tesla.

Published it 13/12/2022 Up to date 13/12/2022

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