Not “rats”, “double rats”: the comical speech of a councilor from Paris

The City of Paris has been fiercely fighting the proliferation of rats in the streets for years. Publicity campaigns for rodent control, mechanical and chemical means of control… Despite these repeated massive operations, the capital has not managed to achieve permanent control of rodent populations. Once again, this sensitive file was put on the table on Friday July 8, during a new Council of Paris. This time, the small mammals have found an ally in the person of Douchka Markovic, noticed The Parisian. Asked about “the increase in the number of rats on the public highway”, this Paris councilor elected under the banner of the Animalist Party defended them fervently, preferring to “call them rats”, a term which she considers “less negatively connoted “.

The delegate to the mayor of 18e district, in charge of animal welfare, continued its speech by arguing that “the actions carried out until now do not work and are very costly”. According to her, the Paris City Hall should rather take advantage of the presence of these murids, “our waste control auxiliaries”. “A first assessment is already to note the role played by Norway rats in the sewers on a daily basis with the evacuation of several hundred tonnes of waste and the unblocking of pipes”, explained with confidence Douchka Markovic, despite some boos in the assistance.

A “lunar” speech

Douchka Markovic concluded her speech with a plea in favor of cohabitation with rats and argued for the implementation of new initiatives concerning the cleaning of the city. “We must change the paradigm, we must ask ourselves about new effective and non-lethal methods. We need to ask ourselves about Norway rats and their way of life, to get to know them better in order to find effective and ethical methods,” she said.

Present in the room, the opposition councilor Paul Hatte judged this intervention “lunar”. On social networks, the sequence has since been derided by a good number of Internet users, while others have already adopted the name of “surmulot”. A passage not so missed?

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