Omar Raddad case: what if it all happened at “La Bolognese” a restaurant in Cagnes-sur-Mer?

For 30 years, Omar Raddad’s lawyers have been trying to obtain a reopening of the file, a new trial and the rehabilitation of their client. Unsuccessful so far.

And yet, “there is a parallel investigation somewhere, carried out in secret by experienced gendarmes and of which the magistrates of the Court of Revision have never been informed” report the authors of the book Ministry of Injustice, released in March. Revelations on the basis of which the commission of instruction of the Court of Revision agreed to order additional information.

The late revelations of a witness

In September 2002, following a program broadcast on television devoted to the Omar Raddad affair, a resident of La Colle-sur-Loup, claiming to be tormented at knowing an innocent person had been convicted, made astonishing revelations to the head of the judicial police of the South region in Marseille, write the authors of the book Jean-Michel Décugis, Pauline Guéna and Marc Leplongeon.

This witness evokes a burglary that would have gone wrong, sponsored by two brothers, from the local gypsy community. The market would have been entrusted to two henchmen, one of whom is from eastern countries.

A restaurant where Ghislaine Marchal had her habits

The two brothers held at that time, through a straw man, a restaurant located in Cros-de-Cagnes in which Ghislaine Marchal had her habits. According to the witness, the wealthy widow spread her way of life there in front of the employees and the boss, whom she used to talk to. She also mentioned Omar, her gardener, whom she loved very much.

Investigators are taking this lead very seriously. The informant is considered all the more credible because she gives details of the personalities of the two individuals and of other ongoing legal cases involving them, all of which have proven to be accurate.

She is all the more free to speak as one of the two brothers, the youngest, described as the most involved and the most dangerous, is imprisoned at the time within the framework of a judicial investigation for attempted homicide. .

The investigators elaborate a thesis according to which the two henchmen, accompanied by one of the brothers, would have been sent to rob the villa La Chamade. Convinced of the presence of a safe, they allegedly beat Ghislaine Marchal to death to make her confess the location of the safe.

Closed two months after his death

In 2004, when the investigators asked for new means of investigation, such as telephone tapping, the prosecution did not respond. The track is buried.

“And yet, the key to the enigma may be hidden there” write the authors of ministry of injustice.

There, in this restaurant, La Bolognese, registered in the commercial register of Antibes in August 1990, Promenade de la Plage in Cagnes-sur-Mer, and closed a year later, in August 1991, barely two months after the disappearance of Ghislaine Marchal. Disturbing concomitance.


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