On Twitter, Elon Musk bans Kanye West once again

Contrary to Elon Musk’s promises, online hate has not disappeared on Twitter, on the contrary.

Elon Musk had promised an end to hate messages and fake news on Twitter since he took over the platform. It’s clear that things didn’t really go as planned. After rehabilitating many suspended accounts, such as those of Donald Trump and his friend Kanye West, the billionaire ended up reconsidering his decision by issuing a new sanction against the rapper.

Incitement to hatred and violence

This Friday, December 2, 2022, Elon Musk confirmed Kanye West’s account suspension. In a tweet asking him for an explanation, the Twitter boss simply said: “I did my best. But he still broke our rules against inciting violence”. At issue is a recent release by the rapper that features a swastika and an intertwined Star of David.

Contrary to rumours, However, Elon Musk wanted to deny any personal dispute with his former tweeting partner. Shortly after the photo in question was posted, Kanye West shared another photo, this time of Elon Musk in a bathing suit on a boat, visibly tipsy. Kim Kardashian’s ex-husband predicted his suspension, saying: “Remember this is my last tweet“. A situation that Elon Musk wanted to clarify and confirmed that “his account was suspended for inciting violence, not for an unflattering picture of me.”

After being banned from the social network in October, Kanye West is finally leaving Twitter, this time probably for good. The controversial artist will not be able to return to social platforms for the time being: a few months ago he was in the running to buy Parler, the American far-right social network. Confronted with his remarks about World War II, West had also been excluded from the talks.

Hate speech explodes on Twitter

Contrary to Elon Musk’s claims, hate speech has been far from falling on the blue bird platform since the takeover. According to a study by the Center for Countering Digital Hate reported by The edge, it would even be the exact opposite. The number of racial slurs against the black community, for example, would more than triple, from 1,282 daily tweets to more than 4,650. Hate against transgender people would have increased by 62% with an average of 5,117 English-speaking insults. daily. . A situation that is once again denied by the principal in question.

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