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What is FxPro?

FxPro is a very popular broker where it is possible to trade on forexon it cryptocurrencieson it metalson it trackon it energies as well as on actions and future.

This platform was founded in England and more specifically to London in 2006. FxPro is currently present in 173 countries and won more than 100 international awards until today for the quality of its services.

FxPro is known as a reliable and trustworthy broker and is regulated by FCAthere CySECthere FSCA and SCB.

FxPro has its own trading platform, which is very intuitive and accessible telephone, Tablet And PC. The broker gives its customers the opportunity to use the platform for trade of FxPro, MetaTrader 4 And 5 as well as cTrader. On this platform it is possible to use a leverage effect of up to x30.

From this broker it is possible to trade on more than 2100 instruments trade that we will present to you later in this article.


At FxPro it is possible to trade CFDs on more than 70 currency pairs while benefiting from tight spreads and fast order execution. We find, for example, currency pairs such as EURGBP, EURJPY, USDCAD And USDJPY.

forex fxpro


FxPro gives its users more than 20 futures on which it is possible to act. Futures are a lot popular on the platform and gives you the opportunity to speculate up and down on shares such asGold, THAT gas where is coffee E.g.

fxpro futures


From the FxPro trading platform, it is possible to trade CFDs on the most popular indices on the market, such as ChinaA50, Hong Kong 50 And 50 euros E.g.

On FxPro there are about fifteen indices:

fxpro indices


FxPro also allows its users to trade on more than 250 companies American, British, French and German. There are companies like Apple, Abby, Adobe, Microsoft And You are here E.g.

fxpro shares


From FxPro it is possible to trade on many metals such asaluminumI’moneyTHAT palladium and zinc E.g.

On this platform we find more than 10 metals where it is possible to trade very easily.

fxpro metals


FxPro allows you to trade on 2 energies which are oil and natural gas.

energy fxpro


The last asset class that can be found on FxPro is cryptocurrencies. On this platform we find more than 25 Popular Cryptocurrencies as BTCI’ETHTHAT MATIC andAAVE as well DOWRY E.g.

fxpro cryptos

Who is FxPro for?

FxPro is aimed at retail and professional traders who want to trade various asset classes such as:

  • Forex
  • Futures
  • The clues
  • The actions
  • Metals
  • Energies
  • Cryptocurrencies

On this platform, trading is simple and the trading interface is ergonomic and perfectly meets the needs of beginners and professionals.

As an active trader, you will find many different asset classes on FxPro, which allow you to diversify easily and on one and the same platform.

FxPro features

FxPro is a complete broker where it is possible to find many features, here are some examples:

Compatible trading platforms

FxPro is compatible with several very popular trading platforms on the market, which are:

  • FxPro MT4 Instant & MT4 Fixed
  • FxPro MT4
  • FxPro MT5
  • FxPro cTrader
  • FxPro platform

Each platform has its own advantage And disadvantages. We invite you to compare to find the one that best suits your needs.

The phone’s trading interface

FxPro’s trading interface is available on the phone iOS And android and allows you to manage your account, funds and trade very easily.

From the FxPro application it is possible to:

  • Using the integrated trading platform
  • View the interactive financial calendar
  • To manage their accounts
  • To make deposits, transfers and withdrawals
  • To receive notifications

A learning platform

If you want to progress in trading and develop your knowledge in technical analysis And basic or i psychology markets, know that FxPro has its own learning platform.

On this learning platform, it is possible to find courses in the form ofobjects And videos.

fxpro academy

A financial calendar

From FxPro it is possible to consult one economic calendar to easily stay informed about important economic events.

This functionality makes it possible to plan its dealers according to the financial results and to obtain forecasts of results.

fxpro financial calendar

FxPro News

FxPro News is a kind of online financial newspaper from which it is possible to find news as well as real-time technical analysis.

This page is interesting to compare its analysis with those of the platform’s experts.

fxpro news

Registration on FxPro takes only a few minutes and for that you just need to fill out your Country of residenceher email too one password.

Once your registration has been validated, you will need to provide some personal information:

  • Your first name
  • Your name of family
  • Your Nationality
  • Your date of birth
  • Your phone number

Deposits and withdrawals on FxPro

It is possible to deposit and withdraw money from FxPro very easily.

Deposit on FxPro

To deposit money on FxPro, you must be aware that there are minimum amount to file which is:

  • $1000
  • €1000
  • £1000
  • 100,000 JPY

To deposit money into your account, you can use many payment methods:

  • Bank transfer
  • Visa
  • Maestro
  • MasterCard
  • PayPal
  • Skrill
  • Neteller

Deposits on FxPro are for free 100%.

Payouts at FxPro

To make a withdrawal on FxPro, simply make a request from your client area. Withdrawal requests are generally processed in less than 72 hours and is fully for free.

Fees on FxPro

On average, FxPro charges $35 fee To 1 million dollars to trade on the platform. The costs are therefore relatively low.

Commissions are calculated as follows:

fxpro fee calculation

Here is an example of exchange fees if you exchange 100,000 GBPJPY and your account is denominated in euros:

broker e.g. pro fee calculation

If you wish, you can use the calculator from FxPro, which allows you to make discretion earnings and fees.

FxPro Customer Service

FxPro’s customer service can be easily reached from Monday On Friday And 24 hours a day. Customer service can be contacted at e-mailby telephone or from one live chat.

You can contact customer service to ask a question or to get help with any problem.

The pros and cons

Here is a list of pros and cons of FxPro:

FxPro benefits

  • Large selection of assets
  • Responsive customer service
  • Educational content
  • Low fees
  • Exploitation
  • copy trade
  • Free deposit and withdrawal

FxPro Disadvantages

  • Some functions are not suitable for beginners

Our opinion and that of the users

FxPro is a trading platform very complete and which allows its users to trade with a wide range of assets such as forex, cryptocurrencies or stock indices.

The fees are relative weak compared to other brokers and we find more than 2 million customers on this platform.

Our opinion about FxPro is positive and it may be worth using this platform if you want to trade a wide range of assets while using a comprehensive trading interface and leverage.

FxPro User Reviews

Users are satisfied from FxPro, on Trust pilotwe find 9 reviews and the average rating is 4.3/5.

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