Our tips for a cheaper holiday: how to save on food this summer

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Restaurants, shopping… Meals represent a big budget during the summer holidays. The Midi Dispatch gives you some tips for saving money.

Who says holidays, also says food costs. Here are some tips for controlling your meal budget.

Rent an apartment with a kitchen

Eating in a restaurant every day quickly becomes expensive during a trip. Thus, renting an apartment or a house with a kitchen will allow you to prepare meals yourself, and thus save a lot of money.

Plan a budget for meals

Tip to limit your expenses: plan a special meal budget in advance. You can set aside a specific amount of cash in an envelope, so that you are aware of the expenses incurred and the amount remaining.

Go preferably to supermarkets to do your shopping, the prices are often more affordable. Finally, if possible, bring “dry” food (olive oil, salt, sugar…) to avoid having to buy everything on site.

Compare restaurants

In order to save money, compare the catering offer available to you. Some apps, like Tripadvisor, can help. Avoid places that are overcrowded by tourists, where prices are often very high. Do not hesitate to ask the locals for their good addresses.

Be careful with drinks

During your trip, remember to take your water bottle, in order to save on the price of plastic bottles. In the restaurant, pay attention to the prices of drinks, which are often high. Note that in some countries, water is not free, as in France.

Beware of additional costs

Anticipate the costs that could be added when you eat out, especially abroad. Indeed, in some countries, tips and taxes are not included in the prices displayed. Bread is also sometimes charged extra. They will be added to the note during payment, and represent additional costs to be taken into account.

Opt for picnics

Another economical option: prepare a picnic rather than going to a restaurant. The opportunity, moreover, to have a good time on the beach or in a park.

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