the Parisian addresses to drink and eat from the editorial staff

Japan remains desperately closed to tourists, except for organized trips, two years after the start of the pandemic. While waiting to be able to return there, Paris is full of addresses where you can taste the art of Japanese living. Our selection (tested and approved). Sushi Shunei, the nigiri in majesty In an alley away … Read more

Tesla’s Autopilot practically slams a Model 3 into an oncoming train, ‘Full Self-Driving’ option was on

Tesla’s Autopilot system, with its “Full Self-Driving” option, is nothing like its name suggests: it’s neither a true autopilot nor a fully self-driving vehicle. Instead, it’s an advanced driver assistance system that can help ease the driver’s workload when on a freeway or on clearly marked city streets. However, it’s far from a perfect system, … Read more

Tesla at Parly 2, it’s over!

The American brand Tesla has just closed the doors of its store located in the Parly 2 shopping center located in Chesnay, in the Yvelines, one of its oldest points of sale in France. While Tesla now has many commercial outlets throughout France, the one located in the Parly 2 shopping center, located in Chesnay … Read more