Paid certification on Twitter: Elon Musk listens to criticism for the first time

After promising that he would relaunch the Twitter Blue subscription on November 29, Elon Musk is backpedaling. The billionaire once again interrupts the project, officially to fight against identity theft.

One day, ten changes. Since Elon Musk took control of Twitter, the company, known for its slowness, seems to have moved into a new dimension. Its owner changes his mind every day, responds publicly to dozens of people and makes the social network very hard to follow. Some functions come and go, others are announced on a whim… Elon Musk has plenty of ideas.

For now, his most emblematic project is the launch of a paid version of Twitter at $8 a month, to buy a certified badge and appear before people who don’t pay. Launched a few hours in early November, the program was quickly interrupted due to hundreds of verified accounts impersonating public figures and brands. Musk promised Twitter Blue would return on November 29, with a few changes (like not being able to change his name), but he ultimately changed his mind. There will be no Twitter Blue until impersonation is made impossible.

Badges with different colors?

Is the fight against identity theft the real reason for this backpedaling? Not sure. Even though Elon Musk claims that everything has been fine for Twitter since his arrival (he regularly brags about record ratings), the situation is actually a little different.

First of all, Twitter has lost many advertisers, while its economic health depends almost exclusively on advertising. Everyone is worried about Musk’s behaviors and the impact the fake certification could have on their brand image. Elon Musk must reassure them, that’s why he launched a second “Official” badge for brands and why he is not rushing the launch of the new Twitter Blue.

A verified account that has impersonated Nintendo. // Source: Capture Numerama

Then there is the issue of infrastructure. Before Musk, Twitter had 7,500 employees. Today, the company would have 2,700. More annoyingly, it is rumored that the ultimatum sent by Musk to his employees has caused all the staff in charge of Twitter Blue to leave, which could force Musk to make new hires . The billionaire recently confirmed that Twitter should hire to continue to grow.

How to reassure everyone? Elon Musk had a new idea, which has actually been suggested to him for 3 weeks, but which he had so far decided to ignore. Why not give paying people and official accounts the same badge? Elon Musk submits the idea of ​​a color code. For example, one can imagine that Twitter Blue accounts and verified individuals would keep the color blue, but brands, media and celebrities would have a red badge. Is that enough to calm everyone down? Until the real release of Twitter Blue, Elon Musk may still change his mind.

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Elon Musk / Twitter // Source: Numerama

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