Paris: don’t say “rats” anymore, but “snow rats”!

Questioned at the Council of Paris on the proliferation of rats this Thursday, the elected official of the 18th arrondissement in charge of animal welfare, Douchka Markovic, launched a debate around the name of these rodents, wishing that they be called “surrats”. “.

The rats of the capital at the heart of a controversy. After being challenged by the opposition councilor of the capital, Paul Hatte on the proliferation of rats, during the Council of Paris which was held this Thursday, the elected representative of the Animalist Party, Douchka Markovic immediately retorted “that in Paris, there are rats that she prefers to call surmulots”, arguing that “the connotation is less negative”.

A response that did not fail to react, on Twitter. Paul Hatte also judged the words of the representative of the Animalist Party to be “lunar”.

The elected representative of the 18th arrondissement, however, acknowledged that the presence of rats may be “a difficulty when they are in housing or cellars”, before adding that “the actions carried out so far do not work and are very expensive”.

However Douchka Markovic gave some significant arguments concerning the usefulness of rats, which she recalls being “necessary for the management of sewers and being auxiliaries for the control of waste”. Thus, the elected representative of the 18th arrondissement remained optimistic and wished that cohabitation was possible between man and rat.

For this, she invited the council to look into more effective and above all “ethical” methods, such as putting more resources into cleaning the city, rather than rat extermination.

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