Pastella, a new concept of Italian restaurant to eat your pasta in a pizza

In 2021, Thomas Albanese and Alèn Sayadian created a concept that everyone agrees on: pasta served on an edible pizza dough plate. A real culinary revolution for the undecided who never knew how to choose between spaghetti Bolognese and Margherita pizza.
The name is as unique as the concept. Pastella is a contraction between the words pasta and Stella, in reference to the star shape of the edible plate. As you will have understood, the concept is original in every way.

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A new and unique concept in Belgium

La Pastella is a concept that was born at Viva La Pizza, a pizzeria in the Mons region, at the beginning of 2021. Thomas, the manager, wanted to try something new, with an edible container, and the customers were quickly hooked. Following the immediate success of the recipe, Thomas and his colleague Alèn decided to open a restaurant entirely dedicated to pastellas. Located in La Louvière, the establishment offers a wide assortment of pastas, sauces and garnishes that you can combine as you wish and everything is served to you on a plate-pizza that is entirely homemade and cooked over a wood fire. You have the choice between two sizes for your plate, the small one is at 11€ and the large one at 14€, which also includes the pasta and the sauce, the garnishes are extra.

The address: Chaussée Paul Houtart 298, 7110 La Louviere
The restaurant is open 7 days a week, at noon and in the evening from Wednesday to Sunday and only in the evening on Mondays and Tuesdays.

A second address

To celebrate Pastella’s first year of opening, Thomas and Alèn have decided to broaden their horizons by opening a new establishment in Charleroi. From July 25, you will have the choice between two addresses to treat yourself.
Subsequently, the two young men would like to extend the Pastella adventure to all of Wallonia and why not further. It only remains to hope that the concept will quickly establish itself everywhere in order to be able to take advantage of it wherever you are in Belgium. Until then, you can find Pastella at all the food festivals organized by Team Gros Lard. This group, born on Facebook, organizes festivals every year where food is king and where you can find original and unpublished food trucks. The date for an event this summer should arrive very soon!

The future address: Avenue de Phillipeville 314, 6001 Charleroi

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