Pau: why the municipality buys the walls of the restaurant Au Fin Gourmet

A real institution created in 1958 by Clément and Noémie…

A real institution created in 1958 by Clément and Noémie Ithurriague, then taken over in 1982 by their three sons, Patrick, Christian and Laurent. Still in charge today, they are nevertheless preparing for the future, a future which was precisely the subject of a deliberation last Monday at the municipal council.

” There is no emergency “

The elected municipal officials thus voted for the amicable termination of the construction lease signed in 1990 between this restaurant, owner of its walls, and the City, which owns the land. A vote which is the consequence of the desire of the Ithurriague brothers to eventually pass the torch and retire.

“We are preparing for the future”, underlines Christian Ithurriague who nevertheless specifies that “there is no urgency”. “We want it to last and that it goes well”, continues the professional who is delighted with the work that is currently taking place in the district: “Between the station, the Place de la Monnaie, the 14-July, everything will be renovated. We are lucky to be in the heart of this district”.

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The Ithurriague brothers will therefore be able to take the time to find a future successor and thus perpetuate the gastronomic vocation of the place. “The purpose of the deliberation was to facilitate the transfer of business assets in the long term by adopting a legal framework that is more in line with market practices for this type of establishment. This does not mean that the transfer is imminent but, in any case, this new commercial lease will be more suitable to facilitate a transaction”, specifies the City, which wishes “to allow the maintenance of a quality catering activity in the sector. from the station “.

In addition to the termination of the lease, the municipality will also buy for 160,000 euros – according to the estimate of the Domains – the walls of the restaurant from the company Au fin gourmet. This will allow him to eventually rent the whole thing for 30,000 euros excluding tax per year. Until now, she rented the land – and therefore not the walls – for 2,276.61 euros per year Au Fin Gourmet.

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