“Pique-le mon grand”: controversy after the video of a child encouraged to finish a boar with a knife

Published in November and recorded on December 5, 2022 by naturalist Pierre Rigaux, the video of a child being encouraged to finish off a wild boar, prey for hunting dogs, using a knife is controversial. A complaint and a report were filed with child protection.

The images are violent. A wild boar, immobilized on the ground by hunting dogs and a child, knife in hand, encouraged by his father to stab the beast. We hear “go ahead, prick it my big”, in connection with a hunting party which would have taken place in the Marne.

Danger to the child?

This video, first posted on Facebook by the hunter himself, was partly recorded by Pierre Rigaux, a naturalist and opponent of hunting. In addition to the animal’s suffering in this scene, he is indignant that the situation may seem dangerous to the child. “What is even more shocking is that the child is very young, that he does not really want to go there and that there is a physical risk for him”, explains Pierre Rigaux.

At the start of the video, he also clarifies that, in addition to a complaint for cruelty, the naturalist association has made a report for child protection.

“Basic Action”

The images are shocking, one moment we see the child stumbling, the next it shows the blade full of blood as the boar howls and still moves.

The complaint was filed for “cruelty” at the sentencing court in Châlons-en-Champagne, France Bleu states. If Pierre Rigaux acknowledges that, in relation to the law, “the line is a little blurred between what is authorized and what is not”.

Yet the video is also scandalous because the animal is in undeniable suffering. “We have the right to subject a boar or a fox to all kinds of abuse that would be prohibited on a domestic animal and even punished very severely”, laments Pierre Rigaux.

In some cases, the use of firearms becomes “dangerous”

If the presence of a child accompanied on the hunt is allowed, Jacky Desbrosse questions that he will be pressured to kill the animal himself. Asked by France 3, the chairman of the branch association for hunters in the Marne believes that it is “the father’s responsibility”.

Regarding the fact of finishing the animal with a knife, Jacky Desbrosse believes that safety reasons can lead to exclude the use of a gun. “Often there are dogs or men around. It becomes dangerous to use firearms,” ​​he explains.

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