Polkadex Orderbook Hestia enhances decentralized CEX-like trading

Polkadex has significantly advanced the decentralized exchange (DEX) ecosystem with the subsequent release of its long-awaited Hestia order book update.

As part of the Hestia version of Polkadex, the latest version of Orderbook introduces trading fees, lays the groundwork for an upcoming liquidity mining program on the blockchain, and revamps the trading interface. Of course, many bug fixes are included in the update to make trading even smoother.

The new interface includes a configurable order panel, market particles, notification tab and aesthetic upgrade. Every aspect of the product has become more user-friendly, from the new updated history tab showing all trades, orders and transfers to measuring a pair’s 24-hour trading volume in underlying or base assets.

Due to its improved speed, reliability and liquidity, the platform’s latest update is expected to revolutionize the trading experience for all participants. Due to Polkadex’s unwavering commitment to user-centered design and innovation, the Hestia release marks significant progress in DeFi and decentralized exchanges.

The Hestia Order Book upgrade adds new features to improve the trading experience and liquidity. Market orders allow customers to trade quickly and at the best price. This feature eliminates limit orders, simplifies trading and gives users more control.

With Polkadex’s Hestia upgrade, performance and speed optimization weigh equally, ensuring trades are executed at lightning-fast speeds. The platform’s order processing and matching engines have been enhanced to allow users to trade with minimal latency and uninterrupted experiences, even during periods of high market activity. Polkadex further demonstrates its commitment to providing robust and reliable trading infrastructure to its growing customer base through this enhancement.

The Hestia upgrade prioritizes reliability and security, which are of utmost importance in decentralized exchanges. Polkadex ensures that users’ funds are protected and transactions are carried out with the utmost confidence by implementing advanced security mechanisms and strengthening the platform’s resilience against potential threats. With the release of the Hestia upgrade, Polkadex demonstrates its commitment to maintaining the highest levels of security and reliability in the DeFi market.

Polkadex’s commitment to participating in community discussions and proposing innovative solutions that meet evolving needs is exemplified by the introduction of the Hestia Backlog Upgrade. Polkadex maintains its leadership status in the decentralized exchange industry by incorporating user and stakeholder feedback, which it uses to support continued improvements to the platform. The Polkadex team remains committed to pushing the boundaries of DeFi innovation and delivering even more exciting improvements with an eye to the future.

Polkadex Hestia order book update marks a watershed moment in the development of decentralized exchanges. Polkadex is well positioned to make a big impact on the future of decentralized banking due to its focus on innovation, user experience and community-driven development. As the platform grows and expands, Polkadex users can expect the addition of even more innovative features and enhancements that will further enhance their trading experience.

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