ProfitFarmers: The 4 Big Differences Between Winners and Losers in Trading

Struggling to make money trading? You are not alone. Studies show that about 3% of traders only make money, and the vast majority of that money goes to the top 1%. In other words, if you’re not one of the best tradersit is very difficult to make money with the trading of cryptos.

Why can’t you make a profit?

There are several reasons for this. For one thing, whales at the top frequently manipulate the market, making it difficult for anyone to make a profit, even for an excellent trader with a foolproof plan.

Another reason is that the trader average just doesn’t spend enough time studying the trading and launches headlong into the world of cryptos, which is one of the most ruthless ecosystems in history.

Keep in mind that if you want to trade regularly, you will face huge trading companies. trading with virtually unlimited funds and incomparable computing power. You have to be very diligent if you want to make money.

At ProfitFarmers, 4 elements keys that separate the 3% winners from the 97% losers have been identified. The platform has developed a strategy of trading underlying based on these factors. Over the past two years, its signals of trading averaged a 78% success rate (completed signals only, no trades at equilibrium). You can access a selection of these signals for free in its free Moonbag.

Risk management

It is the most important piece of the crypto-puzzle. Proper risk management prevents you from losing your entire portfolio before you’ve had a chance to make money.

Most of traders are trying to get started way too fast. Crypto is very volatile, and even a strategy of trading perfectly planned can go wrong in a second for no apparent reason.

As a rule of thumb, ProfitFarmers suggests that you never risk more than 2-5% of your account per trade. This gives you the ideal risk/reward ratio and prevents you from being too exposed to market variance.

To be clear, by 2 to 5%, it should be understood that if your transaction were to go from the entry price to the stop lossyou would only risk losing between 2 and 5%.

The risk management guide included in ProfitFarmers’ free Moonbag is available here.

strategy trading

The strategy of trading that ProfitFarmers advocates should be a set of tactics that you know inside out and have proven to work time and time again.

The secret is to find what works for you and stick with it.

For example, you can stick with oversold indicators alongside price action, volume, and support zones for a long trade setup. trading. Start small, then find what works and persevere.

At ProfitFarmers, the team of trading has developed several strategies with high success rates and programmed them into its algorithm. Each crypto signal it produces is based on the optimal strategy suitable for that specific moment.

Plans of trading

The traders in the top 1% have detailed settings for entering and exiting trades, and they stick to them. This includes :

– A pair of cryptocurrencies
– The entrance area
– Take profit objectives
– An exit plan

Without a plan, you would be lost and playing guessing games at best. Having a plan ensures that you trade without involving your emotions. Not only the trading will be less stressful, but you will make much more objective decisions.

Remark : Each of the signals of ProfitFarmers contains a plan of trading complete.

Plans of trading are available in the ProfitFarmers Moonbag.


This is the most important part.

the trading trading is done by millions of computers 24/7. All these programs do is watch every price fluctuation and make the decision to trading optimal.

Inasmuch as trader medium retail, it is difficult to compete against huge commercial companies with immense IT resources. The best traders of the planet invest time in tools of trading advances that give them a definite advantage. How to Give Yourself a Fighting Chance

ProfitFarmers is a platform for trading all-in-one that combines plans of trading generated by AI with the copytrading and other advanced features such as automatic staggered entry. The main advantage is that they perform most of the laborious tasks of the trading, such as researching, planning and executing transactions. All you have to do is add fuel and away you go.

They give a signal, you copy it, adjust the plan and let the platform do the rest. Instead of spending years studying technical analysis and trading strategy, ProfitFarmers can do all that boring work for you.

All this is offered to you and more:

– 78% signal success rate
– Free market scanners
– Commercial training
– Market updates and strategies

You can either learn on your own about risk management, the strategy of tradingadvanced planning and tactics, or get ProfitFarmers free Moonbag to make your life easier and profit.

The editorial staff of Cointribune would like to point out to its readers that this article is provided for information purposes only. We recommend that you always do your own research before taking any action related to the business. This article does not constitute investment, financial or tax advice.

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