Protection of children online: Macron launches a “laboratory”, challenges Elon Musk

Emmanuel Macron launched Thursday in Paris a “laboratory for the protection of children online”, bringing together a series of international actors, and on this occasion challenged the new owner of Twitter, Elon Musk, to ask him to join initiative.

“@elonmusk, Will the bird protect our children?” (“Will the bird protect our children?”, tweeted the head of state in reference to the famous logo of the social network in the shape of a blue bird.

“To all volunteers: join us!”, He also suggested on Twitter after the kickoff of the initiative.

This laboratory, which brings together platforms, NGOs and regulators, must respond to the growing exposure of minors to pornography, harassment and online violence.

It was initiated during a meeting at the Elysée Palace with non-governmental organizations and representatives of major digital platforms and search engines (Meta, Microsoft, Google, TikTok, etc.) on the occasion of the Paris Forum on the peace.

Argentinian Presidents Alberto Fernandez and Estonian President Alar Karis also participated in the launch of this initiative.

“The digital space cannot be a place of lawlessness. It is the fight that we have waged against terrorism, that we are leading against online hate speech. That is what we must continue at the level of the protection of our children”, declared Emmanuel Macron at the beginning of the round table.

This laboratory must identify “good ways to regulate and better protect our children online”, underlined the Head of State, alongside his wife Brigitte, also mobilized on the subject.

“Protecting our children online means better verifying the age of users, better detecting and stopping sexual predators, better detecting and responding to harassment, being more effective in removing content,” he said. on Twitter.

In particular, it will be necessary to see how to act “quickly and in a coordinated manner between the multiple digital platforms to remove child pornography or intimate content which has been disseminated without the consent of minors and their families”, he insisted during the meeting.

This initiative is modeled on the Christchurch Appeal against violent extremism online, launched by New Zealand and France after the 2019 killings that left 51 dead in two mosques in this New Zealand locality.

The images taken by the author of the massacre were then available online for several hours. The call helped reform the Global Internet Forum Against Terrorism (GIFCT), to speed up the removal of images in a crisis.

10/11/2022 22:19:28 – Paris (AFP) – © 2022 AFP

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