Sad looking stray kitten can’t contain his joy at being in a loving new home

Teddy is unique, in the middle of his brothers and sisters. As he suffers from Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, his illness gives him an old and unhappy face. But when he is cared for in a shelter, there is no doubt that he is deeply happy.

Tara Kay is the founder of the shelter Odd Cat Sanctuarybased in Massachusetts to United States. One day, one of the volunteers tells him that he has a litter of kittens. Among them are Teddy bear.

Teddy bear immediately stood out with its appearance. The young cat suffers from the syndromeEhlers Danlos. It is a genetic disease that leads to a lack of collagen in the body.

Because of this, the skin and ligaments become very fragile and lack elasticity and strength. The feline therefore has skin that hangs abnormally and must be the subject of great attention. Tara explains for lovemeow : ” Its skin is very thin and can tear without precautions. He needs very special care “.

But the Savior is ready to take care of him.

With care

Teddy bear is undergoing treatment to stabilize his condition. The quality of his epidermis improves and strengthens. The grateful 5-month-old kitten has been purring ever since he put his paws in the shelter:” He purred constantly. He hugged, rolled over to rub his belly and just liked people » witnesses Tara.

Despite his pathology and his vulnerability, Teddy bear likes to play, like all other cats, and constantly asks for hugs. He is still equipped not to hurt himself.

The gray cat is incredibly friendly. It doesn’t take much to make it happy: just the presence of a human in the room activates its purring motor!

A family for life

Teddy bear will join his foster family in October 2021. He will be pampered for days with no shortage of love. Finally, his foster mother announces with great regret that he has moved into his permanent home 1 month later.

The woman had become very attached to him, but unfortunately had not been able to keep him. She no longer has any contact with him and hopes that he is still as happy, well surrounded.

As a tribute to Teddy bear and she keeps the page for the other sick cats on instagramto educate people with down syndromeEhler-Danlos.

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