Saint-Paul: the Ipanéma Café ravaged by impressive flames this Tuesday morning

Around 1 a.m. in Saint-Paul, the “Ipanéma Café” establishment was in flames. Two security guards from another establishment mobilized before the arrival of the firefighters, to try to control the fire and help the owner.

An impressive fire

The Ipanéma Café establishment in Saint-Paul was ravaged by flames on Tuesday July 5 around 1 a.m. Two security guards from another establishment called the emergency services and also intervened before the firefighters arrived: “I saw big flames from my place of work. I called the emergency services directly and we decided to help the owner before the firefighters arrived. Fortunately, we thought of the gas cylinders”explains one of the security guards.

The firefighters then brought the fire under control, according to the first elements, the fire started from the back of the kitchen.

Matthieu Patou-Parvedy


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