Saint-Paul: three individuals armed with a machete and a firearm rob a restaurant in Saline-les-Bains

It is an improbable scene that took place in La Saline-les-Bains this Saturday, July 9. A restaurant was robbed by three hooded individuals armed with a machete and a firearm. About 300 euros were stolen. No one was injured.

Around 11 p.m. this Saturday, July 9, three armed individuals of one cut-cut and one firearm have penetrated in a restaurant of the Saline-les-Bains. The content of the box has been Fly. No one was injured.

A scene worthy of a movie

Present on site during robberyMathieu Robion, bar manager of the restaurant “Le Vert Tu Oses”, explains: “Under the blows of 11 p.m., we had one table left and three customers who wanted to settle. My colleague came out of the bar for a moment and that’s when three individuals arrived hooded and glovedwith a firearm and one cut-cut. They have threatens them clients who were in front of the bar putting thefirearm on the temple from one of the customers. They then asked to be given the recipe and the box. I arrived at this time as I was in the storeroom picking up drinks and saw them in the boxtaking the tickets“, he indicates.

He completes:They stayed for about a minute. They don’t have robbed person and don’t even have not taken them tips who were however in front of them, they just opened the cash register, took the tcredit card receipts and a little more than 300 euro cash and they ran away. It is believed that the firearm was dummy but we still had a big cut of pressure and the client who had the gun pointed at his head was a bit shockedit’s here first time let it happen. We looked at the surveillance videos several times and what emerges is that they are dressed of the same way except for shoes“, he concludes.

A complaint will be tabled this afternoon.



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