Samsung to Tesla’s rescue to produce Cybertruck batteries

Samsung has reportedly created a pilot production line for Tesla’s 4680-size cells. It would be the third battery cell maker to help Elon Musk’s firm source supplies.

The battery pack of a Tesla Model S

According to Korean media The Electric, the division of the Samsung group in charge of the production of battery cells would prepare a new production line at its Cheonan plant in South Korea. The cells will be in 4680 format – a cylinder 46 millimeters in diameter and 80 millimeters long – and should allow Tesla to accelerate the release of its long-awaited future vehicles.

After Panasonic and LG, Samsung is getting started

Cells in the 4680 format were announced by Tesla almost two years ago on “Battery Day”. The production of the latter by the American manufacturer began at the Gigafactory in Austin, Texas. The Tesla Model Ys produced there today are also equipped with these cells, but production is struggling to take off.

In addition to the family SUV already in production, these new battery packs are necessary for the production of what will undoubtedly be the most important vehicle for the firm of Elon Musk in 2023: the Cybertruck. LG and Panasonic are already producing 4680 cells for Tesla.

The capacities announced by Samsung on the annual production of their pilot line are approximately 1 Gigawatt hour, which is the equivalent of 10,000 battery packs of 100 kWh. If the cells comply with Tesla’s specifications, this would allow the manufacturer to ensure substantial production for next year, in order to help the release of the electric pickup so dear to Elon Musk.

Approximately 100,000 battery packs per year

Finally, Samsung could eventually produce between 8 and 12 GWh of cells per year in its plant in Malaysia. That is around 100,000 packs per year, depending on their capacity. During this period of shortage of raw materials and global supply difficulties, it will undoubtedly do Tesla a great deal of good to know that the manufacturer can count on Samsung to ensure a significant part of the production of the necessary battery cells. for the future of the company.

It should be noted, however, that Samsung will not have Tesla as its only customer for this type of cell. BMW is indeed interested in cylindrical cells and might therefore also want to source from Samsung, in addition to CATL.

The release of the Tesla Cybertruck and Roadster would be closer than ever thanks to Panasonic

Tesla has started to receive a few 4680-format cells from Panasonic, which should be used in the American manufacturer’s next vehicles. And if it finally allowed to start production…
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