Sète: the Cabanette de la Plagette, a very popular newcomer

The restaurant La Cabanette de la Plagette opened just a year ago. We eat local products, in short and organic circuit “when possible”, an address to recommend.

It is at the corner of the Quai de la Daurade and the Rue de la Palourde, in the small district of La Plagette just opposite the Pointe Courte. Julie Duliscouet and Alain Lambert have renovated an old fisherman’s shed. First to live there. “But our friends, when they discovered the place, pushed us to share it”, says Alan. Both in professional retraining, they decided to set up a small restaurant in their garden, ideally placed at the edge of the quay. “We fell in love with this shed which is a century old, and instead of dismantling it, we fixed it up. Tell Alain. The restaurant is only open on the terrace, the interior being the couple’s place of residence.

In the top four

Julie and Alain share the tasks “we are really complementary”, they say in chorus. Hot cuisine, grilled meats, salads, cakes… at the Cabanette de la Plagette, everything is homemade. “I’ve always liked to cook, and we love to receive, so we invite people to come and eat with us, the idea was ready”, says Julie, laughing. The establishment is often full for lunch and dinner, reservations are recommended. The two lovers say they are pleasantly surprised to be “victims of their success”. An article in Le Point magazine even places them in the top four restaurants to do in Sète. “They put us between La Senne and The Marcel! (Two renowned and even starred restaurants for the second editor’s note)”, are astonished the two restaurateurs. The recipe for this success?

Good fresh products, in short and local circuit

“It’s simple, we cook very good products, in short and local circuits. And when we can, it’s organic too. Add Julia. We really make the local work”. The atmosphere is friendly, the dishes are pretty, the cherry tomatoes grow on the terrace, a cold shower is available, the canal twenty meters away is an excellent swimming spot and a petanque court is located just in front of the pretty cabin. What more …

Reservations on 06 61 54 47 18

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