Several hunting dogs die suddenly in the Dordogne, a suspected animal disease

“I have five dogs that bit this boar, which weighed about thirty kilos. Between Friday and Sunday at 10 o’clock, the five dogs died.”, testifies Bernard Delrieu, a hunter from Villefranche-du-PĂ©rigord. In early November, while participating in a boar hunt, five of his dogs approached a boar. They licked it and bit it, all five dogs died a few days later.

Four cases under analysis

The hunter took three of his dogs to the vet, analyzes are underway on four animals in total at the department. We are still waiting for the results, which should take some time, but according to the Dordogne prefecture, it could be Aujeszky’s disease. This infectious disease is not transmitted to humans. It mainly affects wild boars and pigs and can be transmitted to dogs. Hunting dogs are particularly vulnerable, as during a hunting trip they come into contact with wild boar when they eat or lick the carcass.

“All five of them had the same symptoms: itching. With their claws they mutilate their faces, they drag their faces to the ground, for them it is unbearable suffering”, explains Bernard Delrieu. “There are no other dogs that have touched the boar”, he adds. This disease is similar to rabies and dogs die within hours of the onset of symptoms.

There is a vaccine

In order to reduce the risk of pollution, the prefecture of Dordogne reminds that it is necessary limit a dog’s contact with wild boar or pigs as much as possible. Do not feed them raw pork or wild boar meat, and do not allow dogs to bite while hunting. Precautions must also be taken not to contaminate the premises, the pig farms or the hunting enclosure.

There is a vaccine for dogs. It is not mandatory, but if a hunter decides to vaccinate his flock, he must definitely ask his veterinarian.

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