Sharp rise in shortages in food stores

Over one year, these ruptures increased by 1.2 points, to stand at 5.5%. They represent a loss of 3.8 billion euros for the brands.

Oils, cold sauces, vinaigrettes, flours or frozen savory pies… these categories are the most strongly affected by shortages in food stores. Between May 23 and June 19, panelist NielsenIQ observes an overall shortage rate of 5.5%, all products combined. This represents an increase of 1.2 points compared to the same period last year.

These breaks in linear represent a gross loss of 3.8 billion euros in hypermarkets and supermarkets over a full year. Climatic conditions, poor harvests, the Ukraine-Russia conflict and other production difficulties have significantly accelerated the shortages of certain products since the beginning of the year, and have undermined shelf availability in 2022explains François Laffontan, retail collaborative solutions consultant at NielsenIQ.

More surimi and port on the shelves

Mustard is the product that suffered the most from these hazards. According to NielsenIQ, this is the food “most affected by lack of availabilitybetween June 20 and 26, 2022. Over this period, the availability rate was 71.7%. Note that since March 1, it has fallen by 23% in French brands.

Conversely, some categories are more present on the shelves. From May 23 to June 19, consumers were able to find more processed cheeses, chocolate confectionery, milk for infant nutrition, surimi or port, compared to the same period in 2021.

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