She goes to jail after encouraging her dog to kill a kitten

A Moroccan court has sentenced a young woman to two months in prison for posting a video in which she encouraged her dog to kill a kitten shown to be lifeless, local media reported on Friday.

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The court of first instance in Fez on Thursday handed down a two-month prison sentence against the accused for having “unnecessarily killed a domestic animal”, according to the news site Le360.

His sentence was accompanied by compensation of 10,000 dirhams (1279 dollars) for the benefit of an association for the protection of animals, indicates the same source.

In a video that went viral at the end of April, we heard the young woman pushing her dog to kill a kitten and then we saw the small inanimate animal, dragged by the neck by her dog.

The images had caused an uproar on social networks where Internet users had called for her to be sued.

The Moroccan penal code punishes “anyone who, without necessity, kills or mutilates (…) any domestic animal” with a prison sentence of two to six months.

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