Six baby falcons were born in a nest box in the heart of the city

A couple of falcons followed by the LPO Aquitaine gave birth to six young in a nest box in the administrative city of Bordeaux, installed in 2016. It is quite rare that the brood is so large, explains the LPO in a Facebook post. “This is the fifth time in 22 years of monitoring that a couple of kestrels from the Bordeaux metropolis has given birth to six young,” she explains. The first nesting boxes were installed in 2001 and today there are around thirty of them in the metropolis of Bordeaux.

The young will leave the nest in the next few days. – JP Gans / LPO Aquitaine

The six young kestrels (falco tinnunculus) should take flight towards the end of this week. These raptors feed mainly on small rodents (voles, mice and shrews but also lizards and large insects (grasshoppers, crickets etc.)

Those interested in follow-up work can contact the Nichoirs group on or by email [email protected]

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