small sentences and big effects

The statements of the billionaire are shaking the financial markets. ANDREW KELLY/REUTERS

The boss of Tesla and Starlink, future ex-candidate for the takeover of Twitter, “jokes” about a takeover of Manchester United.

The man with 103 million followers on Twitter never stops panicking the markets. Last night, he set his sights on… Manchester United, in a tweet that could not go unnoticed. “So I’m buying Manchester United, you’re welcome“. An innocent little sentence, liked more than 600,000 times… before being denied by the person concerned five hours later “No, it’s a recurring joke on Twitter. I do not buy any sports club“. This time only 58,000 likes. Before a new clarification from Elon Musk “BAlthough, if there was only one team, it would be Man U. They were my favorites when I was a kid“.

Faced with these about-faces, Manchester United shareholders have an interest in having a strong heart. Within hours, the action listed in New York jumped nearly 17% to 14.90 dollars, before the market opened. The bellows deflated after the second tweet was posted. Isn’t Elon Musk’s humor likely to tire the stock market police? The richest man on the planet is accustomed to small jokes, sometimes instilling euphoria and sometimes panic in investors.

His penultimate joke is not one and could cost him dearly. After wanting to buy Twitter, he finally gave up on the idea, explaining that the social network underestimated the number of spam messages published. Finished therefore, the buyback operation at 44 billion dollars, or 54.20 dollars per share. The title, which had sluggishly crossed the bars of 50 dollars in April fell back to 34 dollars in July, before going back up in the zone of 44 dollars. This time, it is the prospect of legal action by the leaders of Twitter, aimed at forcing Elon Musk to keep his commitments, which supports the stock market.

In the meantime, the billionaire has undertaken to sell a significant part of the shares he holds in Tesla. Sensitive souls refrain. The stock market price of the most expensive car manufacturer in the world varies according to the moods of the boss. In one year, the title has crossed the threshold of 1100 dollars three times, even reaching a high of 1243 dollars. But it also fell to 620 dollars… Depending on whether Elon Musk announced that he was buying Twitter to resell Tesla shares to do so, that the manufacturer was selling its bitcoins – after having given up accepting them as a means of payment a year earlier – or congratulates its Shanghai Giga Plant, which has a production capacity of one million vehicles.

Bitcoin is also another collateral victim of Elon Musk’s sweeping statements. Last year, Tesla bought $1.2 billion worth of bitcoin… before selling 75% of it a year later. The mining of cryptocurrencies having suddenly become too polluting in the eyes of the billionaire. The round trip on the bitcoin market would still have brought in $64 million for the manufacturer. So, is Elon Musk whimsical? Mad? A genius ? A sorcerer’s apprentice investor? Or a bit of all of this?

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