soon the end of extended delivery times

For several months now, new Tesla customers have had to deal with particularly long delivery times, the fault of the difficulties encountered by the manufacturer on its production line. Fortunately, the situation will finally improve.

Credits: Tesla

For several months, Tesla customers have had to deal with particularly long delivery times, especially on the most popular models such as the Tesla Model 3, not to mention the Model X and the Model Y.

Recently, Tesla also announced an additional delay in deliveries of the Model X, due to the numerous problems encountered on the production line. In fact, it is not uncommon for a Model X ordered in 2021 not to be delivered until 2023! For the Model 3, which are mostly manufactured at the Gigafactory in Shanghai, the situation is the same.

As we write these lines, a Model 3 Propulsion or Grande Autonomie ordered in May 2022 will be delivered to you between January and March 2023… If all goes well. It should be remembered that the American manufacturer has been having a series of setbacks for several weeks.

Due to the resumption of the Covid-19 epidemic in Shanghai, the company was forced to close its factory for 22 days. Subsequently and under China’s Zero Covid policy, the site was able to reopen in “closed circuit”. In other words, only 8,000 employees were able to return to work, provided they could eat, sleep and be entertained on site.

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The Shanghai Gigafactory is back to cruising speed

Result, the production of the Gigafactory has reduced drastically, going from 1200 vehicles per day to only 200. However, the exit of the tunnel seems to be profiled. As our colleagues from the Reuters news agency learn, Tesla announced this Tuesday, May 24, 2022 restoring Shanghai Gigafactory production to its original levelbefore the Beijing-ordered lockdown of the city.

According to the internal memo relayed by Reuters, weekly production will increase to 16,000 units, or 2,600 vehicles per day. By adopting this rhythm again, Tesla could therefore reach the 800,000 electric vehicles manufactured by the end of the year at the Shanghai site. What give hope to European and French buyers in particular, who would no longer have to wait more than six months to obtain their vehicle. Be careful, however, a new rebound in the epidemic in China could well reshuffle the cards and again harm Tesla’s production.

Source: Reuters

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