Soulja Boy clashes with Elon Musk and announces the launch of his social network

After selling game consoles, sneakers and even dishwashing liquid, Soulja Boy is preparing to launch its own social network.

Soulja Boy is very serious

Soulja Boy doesn’t really have Elon Musk in his heart, and he makes it known. The interpreter of crankthat threatened to launch his own social network, due to the many changes that Twitter has undergone since its takeover by the billionaire a few weeks ago. Never failing to recall that he was the first to start and / or follow many trends – he claims to have been the first artist to go viral on YouTube and the first to obtain the status ” checked “ on Instagram -, Soulja wants to stand out again, by launching her own social network. If he gave no additional information on this project visibly under consideration at the moment, he could however split an announcement shortly.

As the New York Times aptly recalls, Musk’s takeover of Twitter resulted in two weeks of utter chaos, with immediate layoffs, tight deadlines being put in place to add new features and the redesign of the Twitter Blue service, announced for 8 dollars per month, before being put on hiatus in the wake of its inauguration.

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