SpaceX: here is Elon Musk’s secret project to protect the United States

News JVTech SpaceX: here is Elon Musk’s secret project to protect the United States

SpaceX and Elon Musk have absolutely not communicated about this news. As our colleagues from Numerama have noted, a new section has been added to the official SpaceX site, under the name Starshield.

SpaceX kept a secret project from the US government

A new tab has just appeared on the SpaceX website between “Rideshare” and “Starlink”. Thus we discover the Starshield project, which already seems well launched. Despite the name straight out of an American Blockbuster, these are satellites like Starlink, for government use and even more secure. The features are numerous and the rocket manufacturer does not leave many details.

We learn that some Starlink satellites are actually used to “support national security efforts”. Starshield thus emphasizes three main areas:

  • Earth observation: SpaceX makes it possible to launch payloads that allow for Earth observation. The images are thus sent directly to the client.
  • Communication: Starshield offers a powerful private and encrypted communication tool. This makes it possible to establish networks in operational locations on the other side of the world in minutes and independently of any shared device.
  • Dispatch of specific loads: The other benefit of Starshield is being able to send all content anonymously into space quickly and reliably. The Falcon 9 launch network is the most reliable and, above all, deployed at a frantic pace.

Security in the field of view of governments

Currently, SpaceX is working with the US government, but nothing prevents the company from joining forces with other states in the world. It just depends on the budget each government is able to put into this Starshield network.

Security and confidentiality are the key words for the SpaceX project. Basic encryption on Starlink is already very advanced, but Starshield goes even further for additional high security cryptographic capacity. For the US government to trust a private company, security really needs to be up to standard.

Another advantage of the network that Starshield can develop is the interconnection between each satellite. Thereby the information goes through the private satellite networkregardless of its function, communication or observation.

In addition, SpaceX is developing new technologies at a rapid pace. This guarantees to always be at the forefront of progress. For an intelligence agency, it’s important to stay one step ahead of your enemies, but also your allies. Especially when the space company offers fast, revolutionary and cheap launches.

Currently, the main partner is the US government. Nothing prevents other countries from also purchasing their own Starshield network in the future. Since the government launches are anonymous, it is possible that other states have already used the US company.

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