Starlink: Elon Musk’s satellites finally authorized to provide internet access in France

In the absence of public consultation, the Council of State had canceled in April the decision of Arcep to grant two frequency bands to Starlink.

The Electronic Communications Regulatory Authority (Arcep) announced on Thursday that it had granted a new authorization for the use of radio frequencies to Starlink Internet Services to enable it to provide fixed Internet access via satellite in France.

In a press release, Arcep specifies that this authorization has been granted following a public consultationas required by the Council of State when it canceled, on April 5, a previous authorization to use frequencies granted to the American company.

Develop the connectivity of “white zones”

“The contributions to this public consultation have in particular highlighted the interest of the service star link to develop the connectivity of mobile ‘white areas’ or poorly served by fiber networks”we read in the press release.

Starlink is the satellite internet access service launched by the billionaire Elon Muskfounder of Tesla.

ud83dudef0 Missiles to destroy Elon Musk’s satellites? China would be ready to attack Starlink, the billionaire constellation deemed dangerous via @independent

— The Independent (@independent) June 1, 2022

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