Stolen in 2012 in Vaucluse, Fitou finds his masters ten years later in Lozère

The Czech bearded man was found in Saint-Chély-d’Apcher. The municipal police then entrusted him to Eden, boarding house and animal pound at Chastel-Nouvel. Thanks to his subcutaneous chip, his owners were contacted and immediately hit the road.

Five short minutes. This is the time it took for Fitou, this valiant 12-year-old Czech bearded man, to come and snuggle up against Jeannot and Chantal Jaume, his masters. A moving reunion, after ten years of separation, took place this Saturday, July 2, at Eden, pension and animal pound, at Chastel-Nouvel, north of Mende, in Lozère. The story is simply amazing. The animal was stolen in 2012 in Vaucluse. Wandering in Saint-Chély-d’Apcher, he was picked up by the municipal police, this Monday, June 27, and entrusted to Hélène Martinazzo-Bruel, the head of Eden.

First kiss between the master and his dog, after ten years of separation.
Noon Free – Célian Guignard

500 km round trip

Thanks to his subcutaneous chip, his owners were contacted. The latter, moved to tears, did not hesitate to do the 500 km, which separate them from the Causse d’Auge, to recover their dog. “When the phone rang, at the start, I didn’t understand anything, confides Chantal Jaume. I couldn’t believe it. Ten years. He lived ten years without us. I cried about it.” Her husband agrees: “She was in a state! I thought something bad had happened… But, no, quite the contrary.”

Intended for hunting

Born on June 30, 2010, Fitou joined the Jaume family at three months, once weaned. “I had taken it for hunting”, continues Jeannot Jaume. Then, in 2012, the animal “with a hellish pedigree” vanished. “I was with him in the vineyards, remembers the former market gardener. I turned around, he was no longer there. With my wife, we had toured all the SPAs. We went to the town hall. We looked everywhere.” In vain.

“Always kept hope”

The couple says they have “always kept hope”. A magnetist friend had assured them that Fitou was not dead. “At the pendulum, she told us that it had been stolen and that we had taken it in the direction of Marseille”, recalls Jeannot Jaume. The seer had, at least in part, been right.

A healthy animal

What life did Fitou lead during these ten years? Who was he with? Where did he live ? Impossible for the moment to know. However, Hélène Martinazzo-Bruel is certain: “He was well treated, it shows. He is not afraid. He is not thin. During all this time, he has necessarily seen veterinarians.” To the delight of his owners: “We were a little afraid of finding him in bad shape. We left him, he was a cadet. We find him, he’s an old man. But he’s in great shape. “

In semi-retirement

At Barroux, at the foot of Mont Ventoux, Fitou will be in “semi-retirement”, surrounded by three beagles. “I’m going to see how he reacts when he sees the rifle, already projects Jeannot Jaume. I’m going to take him to a hare park. If he likes it, he’ll come hunt with me.”

“An important role in the animal cause”

Hélène Martinazzo-Bruel, was also happy and particularly touched by this wonderful outcome. “Animal pounds often get bad press, she regrets. But here is our role: that people get their dog back. We play an important role in the animal cause. We put them in safety. We take care of them. After eight working days, we can offer them up for adoption. We fight to find a home for them.” For Fitou, it will therefore be the one he should never have left.

Chantal and Jeannot Jaume thanked Hélène Martinazzo-Bruel for her help at length.

Chantal and Jeannot Jaume thanked Hélène Martinazzo-Bruel for her help at length.
Noon Free – Célian Guignard

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