‘Stop being mean to him,’ implores Elon Musk’s mother

Strongly criticized since taking power at Twitter, Elon Musk was entitled to significant support: that of his mother Maye Musk who urged his detractors to stop being cruel to him.

Elon and his mother © @elonmusk

Critics have been flying against Elon Musk since he bought Twitter. And for good reason, the billionaire has taken a number of decisions that displease the community of the blue bird like the paid certification of Twitter Blue which will return on November 29. Some deplore the disinformation that such a feature has already caused (false accounts galore) and criticize Musk vehemently.

Internally, the new boss laid off half of Twitter’s workforce overnight. Methods considered cruel which have caused a lot of ink to flow. In the storm, Elon Musk can count on the unconditional support of his mother Maye Musk.

As Business Insider reports, the BBC is currently airing a three-part documentary titled The Elon Musk Show. This one looks back on the rise of the richest man in the world through interviews with his relatives, his former employees and his detractors.

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Elon Musk has the unwavering support of his mother

When asked, the tech mogul’s mother, Maye, describes her son as a ” genius “. Despite the admiration for her accomplishments, she recognizes that “No one wants to be in his place”. In question, the torrent of criticism that constantly falls on him. “With these companies, he receives a lot of hate”explains Maye Musk before asking his detractors to let him go: “Stop being mean to him”.

Note that this is not the first time that Maye Musk has defended his son. Since her tumultuous acquisition of Twitter, she hasn’t stopped posting messages of support, quoting in particular some of Elon’s trollish tweets:

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