Stray animals: the mayor’s obligations

You cross the path of a stray animal: lost, runaway, abandoned, injured… What to do? The point with a veterinarian from Clinique La Rocade in Chalon.

In summer, especially, our pets roam, sometimes get lost, are abandoned before the holidays or are victims of accidents. This is an opportunity to take stock with Dr Agosto, veterinarian at the Clinic La Rocadeon what we call “stray animals” and their care.

Stray or wandering animal

According to article L. 211-23 of the Rural Code, are considered as strays all dogs and cats which are no longer under the effective supervision of their master, or which are more than 100 meters from their owner for dogs, or more than 200 meters for cats. In addition, any cat whose owner is not known and which is seized on the public highway or on the property of others is also considered to be in a state of wandering.

Whose responsibility is it?

Here too, the Rural Code has legislated. According to article R 211-12, the municipality is responsible for stray animals in its municipality and must organize their care and care. A law often ignored by the public, and sometimes by the mayors themselves.

Dr. Agosto therefore reminds us: “The management of the straying of domestic carnivores is the responsibility of the mayor of the municipality in which the animal strays. The health policy is part of its obligations. »

What are the mayor’s duties?

According to the law, the mayor therefore has the obligation to inform the population by means of a permanent display on the terms of care for stray animals, day and night. That is to say, indicate the coordinates of the competent services for the capture of these animals and communicate the precise coordinates of the nearest pound. The mayor must therefore take all material and financial measures to take care of a stray animal, injured or not, even outside the hours and working days of the pound.

“I must say that the city of Chalon fulfills its mission, which is not the case for all the communes of Grand Chalon. adds Dr. Agosto.

In order to ensure this public service mission, mayors are required to have a pound or to enter into an agreement with an inter-municipal pound.

A word about SPA pounds

French law provides that any animal in a state of wandering on the public highway must be entrusted to the nearest animal pound, which has the obligation to search for the owners via the National Identification File (I-CAD). Yes, it is forbidden to keep a stray animal.

Remember that the SPA located on Châtenoy-le-Royal has a pound, a space differentiated from the refuge part for adoption. Once identified, the animal is fed and housed until its owner comes to pick it up. The latter has a legal period of 8 working days to pick up his animal in exchange for the payment of a flat rate for accommodation and food costs.

The SPA pounds give a second chance to stray animals that have not been recovered. These are cared for by one of its shelters, cared for, vaccinated, sterilized and socialized with a view to being offered for adoption.

What to do if you find a stray animal?

First of all, you can consult the neighborhood and the merchants to find out if they know the owner.

You can also, if the animal allows itself to be approached, check if it is wearing a collar or a medal with the contact details of its owner, to contact him directly.

Otherwise, approach the town hall.

Dr Agosto warns, however: “If you find an injured stray cat or dog, avoid touching it, as the pain can make it extremely aggressive or scare it away, and immediately call the services of the town hall on which the animal is, if you do not want to find yourself in the obligation to pay the bill for the care provided by the veterinarian. »

Have a good summer everyone, and keep an eye out for the comings and goings of your four-legged friends!

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