Tesla, the champion of integration

Elon Musk, creator of Tesla. WENN via Reuters The “all-in-one” business model of the world’s number one electric vehicle has served as a bulwark against component shortages. As the Covid continued to cause factory closures in 2021, Tesla became the world number one in electric vehicles that year, managing to produce nearly 1 million. A … Read more

Optimus, the humanoid robot with which Elon Musk intends, a little quickly, to eradicate poverty

By Richard Flurin Posted 3 hours ago, Update 2 hours ago A second prototype was presented by Tesla engineers, a more advanced version of Optimus, but still unable to move. – /AFP DECRYPTION – The whimsical boss of Tesla hopes to be able to sell the first models within three to five years, at less … Read more

A consumer association denounces the excessive presence of plastic in food packaging

In a vast survey, the CLCV listed the packaging of more than 250 food products and criticized the excessive presence of plastic in relation to the quantity of food. The alarm bell is ringing. While the anti-waste law, passed in 2020, sets targets for reducing packaging – and in particular to limit the presence of … Read more

36,000 poultry will be slaughtered in Indre-et-Loire

The slaughter will be carried out as soon as possible and the breeder will be compensated. Some 36,000 poultry will be slaughtered after the discovery of an outbreak of avian flu “highly pathogenic type H5N1“In a breeding of Céré-la-Ronde (Indre-et-Loire), announced Monday the prefecture of Indre-et-Loire. “As part of the measures to combat the spread … Read more

have food recalls really increased?

THE CHEKING PROCESS – In the wake of the Buitoni pizza and Kinder chocolate scandals ahead of Easter, recalls seem to be on the rise. Is that the case ? The recalls of food products seem to be linked since the spring. The Buitoni frozen pizza scandal was followed a few weeks later by the … Read more

An Italian Nobel Prize winner at the heart of a controversy over… cooking pasta

Italian physicist Giorgio Parisi suggested on Facebook to turn off the heat under the pan when cooking pasta to save energy. Great harm has taken him. Energy savings, but not at any cost. In Italy, the physicist Giorgio Parisi, Nobel Prize winner moreover, advertised on his Facebook account a small daily gesture that saves more … Read more

Nestlé expands its “Kit-Kat Vegan” to fifteen European countries, including France

While the chocolate product is popular for snacks or snacks, a new milk-free version will soon be on French shelves. “Kitkat” breaks will soon have another flavor. Faced with the success of the vegan version of the chocolate bar in Great Britain launched in early 2021, Nestlé has decided to expand its distribution to fifteen … Read more

Faced with avian flu, recipe changes authorized for egg or poultry products

The state will authorize the food industry to temporarily change the recipes of certain products without the labels mentioning it immediately. To deal with the “supply voltages» on certain egg or poultry-based ingredients, in the context of an avian flu epidemic, the State will authorize the agri-food industry to temporarily change the recipes of certain … Read more

Elon Musk wants more babies and more oil

During a conference in Norway, the billionaire considered “important to perpetuate civilization” and “to explore more” hydrocarbons in the country. The richest man in the world, Elon Musk, himself the father of ten children, on Monday called on his contemporaries to do “more babiesbut also to exploit more oil and natural gas. “Believe me: the … Read more

faced with a difficult context, Moscow restaurants are struggling

Published on : 08/25/2022 – 19:25Modified : 08/25/2022 – 19:41 The Russian press, and especially the daily Kommersant, reports a figure, this Thursday, August 25: a drop of 11% in restaurant attendance in August, compared to last year. This is one of the consequences of the sanctions taken against Russia. From our correspondent in Moscow … Read more