Pravind Jugnauth concedes that the Price Stabilization Account of the State Trading Corporation is in deficit

GM can’t lower fuel prices. This aspect of the Prime Minister’s statement, made Monday in Chamarel, went somewhat unnoticed. Regarding the drop in fuel prices, he made blah blah about the action of Nishal Joyram. Then, Pravind Jugnauth declared, and this is what needed to be heard, that the Price Stabilization Account of the State … Read more

Trading crisis in Burkina: “The situation is going from bad to worse” (Victims of trading account freezing)

The association of victims of trading companies provided an update on the progress of their legal case this Saturday, November 19, 2022, in Ouagadougou. 3 years later, according to investors, nothing has progressed and companies still owe around 35 billion (capital, not including returns on investment) to the victims. What’s next after this ad A … Read more

How to Improve Your Bitcoin Trading Skills

Trading is today an activity that many practice. However, only a few investors with in-depth knowledge can achieve greater profits. To become an expert trader, you must have knowledge and skills. Without this knowledge and skills, you will not be able to trade for the long term. Technology also helps improve overall business performance. Many … Read more

How does forex trading work?

How does forex trading work? Trading multiple currencies in a decentralized global marketplace is known as FX trading, often referred to as currency trading or Forex trading. It is one of the largest and most liquid financial markets in the world. Let’s find out more about what the Forex market is and how it works. … Read more

Robinhood, the brutal fall of a popular trading platform

By Tom Kerkour Published on 04/29/2022 at 6:06 p.m., Update on 04/29/2022 at 7:17 p.m. With the pandemic, to escape boredom and make some money, some have turned to applications like Robinhood, promising finance open to all in a few clicks. Riccardo Milani/Hans Lucas STORY – The new broker was one of the stars of … Read more

when robots come to the aid of traders

Trading robot, presentation Robot trading refers to brokerage systems via the Internet. It is intended to help traders determine whether to sell or buy a currency pair at a specific time and to take the psychological side out of trading. These bots are specialized computer programs designed to perform a variety of functions, from managing … Read more

Mastercard will offer banks cryptocurrency trading solutions

Mastercard today introduced Crypto SourceTM, a new program that will enable financial institutions to offer secure crypto-asset trading capabilities and services to their customers. According to the 2022 Mastercard New Payments Index, 29% of people surveyed globally hold cryptocurrencies as an investment. In addition, 65% of them say they prefer services associated with crypto-currencies to … Read more

Elon Musk presents Tesla’s ambitious humanoid robot

The boss of Tesla and Space X aims for a robot that will eventually cost “probably less than $20,000”and will be designed to be replicated in “million units”. Elon Musk presented two prototypes of the humanoid robot Optimus on Friday, September 30, which his company Tesla hopes to produce one day by “million” for “transform … Read more

Musk wants to post his tweets about Tesla without having them pre-approved

Elon Musk has asked a New York court to annul a provision of an agreement made with the American stock market policeman (SEC) obliging him to have his tweets linked to the activity of his Tesla group validated by a lawyer. In a document submitted Tuesday evening to a federal appeals court in Manhattan, Elon … Read more

Our 2022 list of the best “wines in the world” to taste once in a lifetime

Clos Apalta, Valle de Apalta, Chile Clos Apalta / SDP EXCLUSIVE – What are the greatest foreign wines? From California to Australia via Argentina, Italy, Spain and South Africa, here is the selection of Figaro Vin. For the second consecutive year, the team of tasters from Le Figaro Vin tasted wines from all over the … Read more

3 simple reflexes for the prevention of diabetes in Reunion

Partners engaged in the fight The fight against diabetes and the promotion of better nutrition are a health priority for Reunion: the ARS and 12 partners (Reunion Academy, DAAF, DRAJES, Region, Departmental Council, Association of Mayors, Health Insurance, Mutualité de la Réunion, [email protected]é (interURPS), SEDMER, CIC-EC du CHU, France Assos Santé) are mobilized around an … Read more

Eight restaurants to extend the holidays in Paris

Kalios house (9th). Felix Dol Maillot THE FIGARO SELECTION – Terraces, barges, ice cream and sunny dishes. Our best restaurants to counter the back-to-school blues and enjoy the Indian summer. If autumn officially arrives this Friday, the hope of benefiting from sunny days and mild temperatures has not yet left us. To take advantage of … Read more

Pas-de-Calais: “I want to relearn people to eat pastries without added sugar” confides Emmanuelle, a young woman from Reunion

Emmanuelle, a young woman from Reunion, is looking to open her food truck in metropolitan France. Passionate about pastry, she wants to highlight Reunionese flavors and products. To realize her dream, she launched an online kitty to raise funds. Emmanuelle, a 27-year-old woman from Reunion, originally from Tampon. Passionate about pastry, the young woman opened … Read more

Top Performing Bitcoin Trading Countries in 2022

Individuals and businesses can invest in bitcoin in several ways. However, each investment opportunity presents unique requirements and challenges for investors. Bitcoin trading is among the easiest ways to invest in crypto because it is less demanding in terms of capital and skill. Crypto trading works almost like traditional stock markets. However, bitcoin traders buy … Read more

The 5 best fish and seafood restaurants in La Rochelle

Restaurant La Yole de Chris, in La Rochelle. Sylvie Curty/La Yole de Chris – Christopher Coutanceau THE FIGARO SELECTION – Discover our five favorite addresses for an iodized cure in the maritime city and its surroundings. Special envoy to La Rochelle The city of La Rochelle and its surroundings have several hundred restaurants, but the … Read more