My child refuses to eat vegetables: 10 tips to remedy this

This is the eternal question: should I punish my child when he refuses to eat? And the answer is clear: no, you would only make the problem worse. Don’t punish him, don’t lead a negotiation by promising something in exchange for a spoon, avoid “a spoon for dad, another for mom”, “make me happy” or … Read more

caregivers caring for animals and baby red panda

No one escapes the high temperatures of the past few days and the animals in animal parks are not spared. Caregivers are stepping up their efforts to cool the most exposed species such as the red pandas in Clères Park. The red pandas take advantage of the foggers installed to fight against the extreme heat … Read more

Lady Gaga’s Hound Abductor Mistakenly Released Actively Wanted

This is a mistake that could have been avoided. American police were actively looking for James Howard Jackson on Wednesday, suspected of having violently assaulted an employee of Lady Gaga to remove the star’s dogs, as reported by AFP. The 19-year-old was released on April 6 following an administrative error, the US Marshals, the US … Read more

An An, the oldest giant panda in captivity in the world, has died

He was the oldest captive giant panda in the world. An An died Thursday, July 21, at the age of 35, announced the Hong Kong zoo where he spent most of his life. The animal’s health had deteriorated in recent years. Recently, his physical activity and appetite had dropped sharply and the panda was euthanized … Read more

“Not sure” of being able to redeem Twitter, Elon Musk has a mysterious plan B

Very active on Twitter where he has nearly 82 million subscribers, the boss of Tesla made a remarkable entry into the capital of the company at the beginning of last week by acquiring 73.5 million ordinary shares of the company. He had been offered a seat on the board but finally refused it on Sunday, … Read more

Elon Musk remains ‘committed’ to buying Twitter after suspending acquisition

He wants more clarity on the subject. Elon Musk announced on Friday, May 13, that he was pausing the takeover of Twitter. “The Twitter agreement is temporarily suspended pending details supporting the calculation that spam/fake accounts indeed represent less than 5% of users”, tweeted the boss of Tesla and SpaceX, without giving further explanation. He, … Read more

Heat wave: how do zoos protect their animals?

On the Loire-Atlantique side, the “Boissière du Doré” zoo also takes care of the well-being of its animals. Here, strong heat rhymes with distribution of treats: homemade fruit sorbet for primates and chicken thigh for felines. It’s a way to keep them hydrated and nourished at the same time, as they tend to eat a … Read more

Elon Musk wanted it, Twitter will test a button to correct published tweets

As soon as he arrived, was Elon Musk already preparing a revolution at Twitter? Having become the majority shareholder of the blue bird social network, by taking a 9.2% stake in the capital for a value of approximately 2.9 billion dollars (2.6 billion euros), the boss of Tesla and SpaceX immediately polled tweeters to find … Read more

a dog was locked in a car in the sweltering heat! (video)

Posted on Monday, July 11, 2022 at 12:10 p.m. A man left his dog in his car for several hours when it was over 50 degrees inside. Fortunately, a witness to the scene alerted the emergency services. An association intervened in Boise, in the State of Idaho, in America, to save the life of a … Read more