Tarn: mysterious animal mutilations in Saint-Amans-Valtoret

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In the commune of the Vallée du Thoré, in the south of the Tarn, a cow and a deer were found with their ears cut off. Report between anger and amazement.

It’s the shock in Saint-Amans-Valtoret. Since Pentecost, a subject has been talked about: a cow owned by Claude Chabbert has been found dead, its ear visibly cut off. Enough to animate conversations in the village of the Vallée du Thoré renowned for its tranquility. And to raise the anger of Mayor Daniel Peigné: “In what world do we live?” he is indignant.

Claude Chabbert asks himself the same question. At 67, the breeder from a family of farmers, had never experienced such misfortune, apart from a stolen calf and an attack by wolves in the fall of 2021. On this Monday, June 6, the villager and his wife , installed on the heights in the hamlet of Bourgade, are absent. Their son takes over the farm while waiting for their return.

When he left in the evening, “he saw an animal lying in the meadow, a few meters from a tree”, explains his father. From breeder experience, nothing to worry about at first sight. The couple calls from time to time to a fox trapper, who had just put bait near the animals. “He saw the cow, he went to do his job, walked past her and approached: he saw that she had a nosebleed and was missing an ear.”

Revenge ? Human stupidity ?

Upon his return, Claude Chabbert learned the news with amazement. Before rendering, the breeder takes a look at his 10-month-old cow. “I saw that the ear was cut inside. She was only damaged, she died of a hemorrhage. I went to file a complaint. It’s sure that it’s a mutilation”, swears the one who manages a herd of 250 animals.

The cattle farmer does not understand how such a thing could have happened on his farm.

Still angry a month later, the Saint-Amantais does not understand how such an act of cruelty could have happened in his field. Revenge ? Human stupidity ? No track is ruled out, but Claude Chabbert fears a bad bet between malicious people to recover a cow’s ear as a trophy.

A fact dating from last month, accentuated by a new discovery last week, as Daniel Peigné learns: “David Béziat, a resident of the village, discovered the body of a deer with not one, but both ears cut off .”

And to extend, with confidence: “For the past few months, we have been hearing a lot about the wolf, but in these two cases, the canine is not responsible and it is indeed the barbaric work of another predator called human and without respect. for animal life. Despite the vigilance of the farmers, it is very difficult in summer to bring in all the animals every evening, but it seems important to me that everyone is informed of these facts and can possibly provide information to the gendarmerie.”

An investigation is underway to try to unravel this mysterious series of sordid mutinies.

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