Tarn: release for the managers of a shelter for cats accused of “ill-treatment”

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The founder and current president of the Chat d’Oc association were prosecuted in particular for ill-treatment of animals and concealed work. Nearly a hundred cats had been evacuated in 2019 by the gendarmes from their large house in Grazac, near Rabastens, transformed into an improvised refuge.

The Albi Criminal Court delivered its deliberation on Thursday afternoon in the case of the Grazac cat shelter, which had been evacuated by the gendarmes in 2019 following several reports, in particular from the SPA.

The current president of the Chat d’Oc association, which manages the refuge, has been released from all the charges. His daughter, the founder of the association, was also acquitted of the facts of mistreatment of animals, concealed work and maneuvers to irregularly obtain veterinary medicine.

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On the other hand, she was found guilty of the other charges: illegal practice of medicine or surgery of animals, breach of trust, activity of sale or presentation to the public of pets without a certificate of capacity. She was fined €4,000, of which €2,000 was suspended.

The SPA, which had instituted civil proceedings, was denied its claims due to the release of the two defendants on the charge of ill-treatment.

Hundreds of cats evacuated

The gendarmes of the Gaillac research brigade and the Rabastens brigade intervened in September 2019 to evacuate nearly a hundred cats housed in a large house in the town of Grazac, near Rabastens. The animals had been recovered by the SPA.

The tenant of the accommodation, who founded the non-profit association Chat d’Oc in 2007, shares her life between Paris and Le Tran. She had transformed the building into an improvised refuge. A dozen volunteers took care of abandoned cats, which were collected, cared for, sterilized and offered for adoption, mainly in the Paris region.

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