Territory of Belfort. The cat Billou escapes and travels fifteen kilometers to return “home”, to Dorans

Paul Demange is a cat lover but, aged 76, he had sworn not to dive back into the taste buds all day long, after the death of his cat Grisou. Also, when in May, two litters of stray kittens take up residence around his home, he knows that he will not be able to take care of them indefinitely. So he approaches the Ark of Mallo, created to fight against the proliferation of stray or abandoned cats. In a few days, kittens and mothers are captured and handed over to the association, in Autrechêne.

Escape the day before a visit to the vet

Among them, a young tabby cat with a strong character, named Billou. Even housed in a gleaming box, this one does not intend to be put in a cage. And the day before a visit to the veterinarian, where the animal must be castrated and identified, he decides to play the girls of the air. “Billou managed to get out of his cage. To achieve this, he had to flatten himself like a pancake to slip between the fence and the protective tarpaulin, which was nevertheless firmly fixed”, specifies, still dumbfounded, Mallory Ortega, manager of the Ark.

In five days

Proud to have played a good trick on the human race by a sleight of hand worthy of the great Houdini, Billou finds himself on the loose in the terrifortaine countryside. With his keen sense of direction, he covered the 15 km between Autrechêne and Dorans in just five days, avoiding the dangers posed by the high-speed line, roads and expressways, the A36, a canal and a river. “Cats can navigate with their own urine odor that emanates miles away,” says Mallory Ortega.

“I couldn’t believe it”

“A few days ago, I saw Billou waiting patiently under my kitchen window. I couldn’t believe it. I think he was already used to me. Now, I can only take him under my wing”, specifies Paul, seduced by the determination and loyalty of the young tomcat.

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