Tesla at Parly 2, it’s over!

The American brand Tesla has just closed the doors of its store located in the Parly 2 shopping center located in Chesnay, in the Yvelines, one of its oldest points of sale in France.

While Tesla now has many commercial outlets throughout France, the one located in the Parly 2 shopping center, located in Chesnay (78), has closed its doors. The American manufacturer has indeed decided to reduce its representation costs in Ile-de-France. This Tesla store was one of the brand’s oldest in France since it was opened in 2016, to give visibility to the brand at the time of the launch of its Tesla 3. Note that no automotive brand is now represented at Parly 2.

Chambourcy? Oh yes !

Tesla remains represented in western Paris at Vélizy 2 (as the only car brand in this shopping center), Chambourcy (78) and Paris (Madeleine), and also has three repair centers, in Chambourcy, Bezons ( 95) and Boissy-Saint-Léger (94). The American now has 20 sites in France hosting commercial and/or after-sales activities while a large-scale Tesla branch is also under construction in eastern Paris.

Published on 05/07/2022 Updated 05/07/2022

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